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Real Housewives Of Toronto Star Ann Kaplan Mulholland Reunites With Long-Lost Sister!

Ann Kaplan Mulholland took to Instagram to reveal that she has reunited with her long-lost sister. "A sister I have never met found me (today) on Facebook! We share the same father. Of all the wonderful and incredible experiences of being on #RHOT this is one of the most amazing. I am sharing this beautiful story...," wrote The Real Housewives of Toronto star.

Ann shared a screenshot of the email exchange between her and her newly discovered family member. "This might be one of the most unusual emails I've ever writter and perhaps one of the most unusual email you'll ever receive! My name is M. Terry Bowman and my father is Bernie Hal-Mann. I believe he is also your father, too. I heard from my mother many years ago that I had couple of half-siblings who lived in Canada," the email stated.

"I remember your name because I understand we were born the same year? My birthday is May 12, 1963. M anu (i.e., Celeste) posted a video about you on her Timeline. Hand on heart - I don't want anything from you; rather, if we are related to one another maybe get to know you."

The screenshot of the email concluded with: "I was born in Honolulu, moved to San Francisco when my parents (mother: Georgia) split. They never married and had me and my younger sister, Bernique (Nicki)."

I think that it's beautiful that Ann has been able to connect with long-lost family members all thanks to her joining the The Real Housewives franchise. Beautiful stories like this one, definitely overshadows the drama that follows the hit reality franchise. Congrats to Ann!

The Real Housewives of Toronto airs Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on Slice in Canada.

Photo Credit: Slice