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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Fakery Exposed — New Cast Member Ester Dee’s ‘Secret’ Husband Tells-All; Claims Her On-Screen Fiancé Is A Fake!

Real Housewives of Cheshire newbie Ester Dee is at the center of a scandal. Apparently, the reality star has been living a double life and her real life husband has exposed her alleged fake lifestyle that will appear on the ITVBe hit reality series.

Ester Dee, who will introduce millionaire property developer Rob Lloyd as her fiance on The Real Housewives of Cheshire when the show premieres on Monday, March 27, is actually her lover — and the Czech’s lavish lifestyle is actually funded by her millionaire husband John Temple.

Her furious husband has now spoken out to claim he has been hidden away. John Temple - who she wed in 2015 - claims his wife does not live in Cheshire and instead lives with him in Leamington Spa.

The former au pair claimed to be engaged to Rob, who appeared on Channel 4’s The Secret Millionaire in 2009, and living with him in a ­Georgian mansion.

Rob Lloyd, Ester's alleged fiance (Credit: The Sun)

“How could the programme makers have let her do this? The whole thing is sick,” he told The Sun. “Ester is my wife, she doesn’t live in Cheshire, and there is no Cheshire mansion. She splits her time between my apartment in Leamington Spa and one I bought for her in Wales. The Rolls-Royce she drives is mine.”

“Meanwhile, the last that I heard, the man who is supposed to fund her lifestyle was living in a caravan.”

John claims he wasn't even aware that Ester was even taking part in the show until she was forced to confess to show producers when they heard her on the phone to him, when she was in Dubai filming the show's infamous cast trip.

“Ester was finally caught out when she rang me from Dubai to ask for money for a ring. It was £5,000, and I said, ‘Get it, sweetheart.’ But someone overheard her, and asked who she had been speaking to. She admitted, ‘That was my husband.’ When she got home, she came to see me and admitted she had been filming the show for months.”

Ester is also said to have secretly gotten pregnant with 'fiance' Rob, but told husband that it was his child.

“She said she had known Rob since 2012, and that our daughter was actually his. His name had even been secretly listed on her birth certificate,” he told the publication.

“I’ve made a lot of money out of being good in a crisis. But something like this is not a normal crisis.”

Meanwhile, the businessman claims he has been funding her lifestyle, whilst her 'fiance' is reportedly in debt of £26million after the collapse of his property empire.

Ester Dee and her husband John Temple (Credit: The Sun) 

John said he plans on taking legal action against the show and hopes Ofcom will investigate the reports.

“Ester is supposed to be the show’s new star, and yet they apparently didn’t even try to check what she told them was true. They clearly wanted her so badly they didn’t want to scratch below the surface.”

“How the hell can they have allowed this falsehood to carry on? They are supposed to be part of a professional broadcasting organisation.”

“They have now been put on notice by my solicitors, and are re-editing footage. Ever since Ester was announced as a new character, everyone who knows us as husband and wife must be thinking, ‘What the f*** is going on?’”

“It’s humiliating. And the thought of watching all of this on TV makes me feel sick. The show is duping its fans and trampling all over my life.

“As far as Rob is concerned, I don’t know how any man could go on a TV show as the partner of a woman married to someone else.”

A spokeswoman for production company Monkey Kingdom released a statement to The Sun: “Despite carrying out extensive due diligence around Ester and her personal life, in keeping with the broadcaster’s requirements, we only discovered the truth during filming, at a similar time to John.”

“This is subsequently covered in the show.”

John and Ester - real name Dohnalova - first met in Cheshire in 2007 - they got engaged they moved to Warwicks two years later.

The pair separated in 2014, but reconciled at the start of 2015 when Ester revealed she was pregnant with his child - now alleged to be Rob's.

Photo Credit: ITVBe