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Porsha Williams Shuts Down RHOA Season 9 Reunion Rumors That She Slept With Apollo Nida!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast filmed the Season 9 reunion last week and following the taping of the upcoming special, a lot of tea, rumors and speculations has been reportedly leaked via various media outlets and social media pages.

One of them in particular is about Porsha Williams and Phaedra Park's ex-husband Apollo Nida. According to All About The Tea, Todd Tucker came into his wife's defense from the lesbian-gate accusations, which were started by Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams.

Todd allegedly dropped a MAJOR bomb, revealing that Porsha had sex with Apollo Nida before he turned himself into prison.

UPDATE: Porsha Williams addresses the Apollo Nida/RHOA Season 9 reunion rumors during Monday's episode of Dish Nation

“That's not true. That's completely false," said Williams. "He [Todd] never accused me of anything at the reunion, whatsoever.”

“That’s a bull**** rumor. I never had anything with Apollo.”

A screenshot of an Instagram post seemingly coming from Williams’ official account “Porsha4Real” circulated, making it appear as though she was admitting to the affair. However, Williams reveals she never posted and deleted anything on social media, calling the posts fake.

“I did not post this and delete this at all,” Porsha reiterated to Gary With Da Tea, Da Brat & Headkrack. “So all the blogs that are writing this and putting this on their pages may want to delete this ASAP.”

An exhausted and shocked, Andy Cohen took to Instagram stories and teased about the 12 hour reunion taping. "It's about 11 o'clock, we just wrapped. Holy shit... some stuff came out tonight," he said.

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The Porsha and Apollo hook-up spread like wildfire over the media and social media. However, Williams was not having any of it and called the reports "lies."

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Meanwhile, Kandi Burruss' assistant and bestie, Carmon Cambrice teased about what went down at the reunion, calling the alleged "major bomb" an "atomic bomb."

"Expect the unexpected is correct or maybe what was in front of your faces the entire time," she teased.

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So does this means it's the end for Frick and Frack?!

Apparently Frick’s not having any of the hype about her Frack because she's been liking posts from fans hoping that she and Porsha are still friends.

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Big shout to RealHousewivesAtlanta for providing the tea and content for us to share with everyone!

Whatever went down on the RHOA reunion, we can't wait for it!! What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo