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Porsha Williams Addresses Kandi Burruss Feud And Lesbian Rumors On WWHL!

Kandi Burruss lesbian rumors has been the main focus on this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. If viewers recall, Porsha Williams insinuated earlier this season that Kandi sometimes takes dips in the lady pond. The rumors spread from there, and Kandi was confronted with them on the glamping trip, which the two faced off about it over lunch.

Burruss then revealed that Porsha kissed her, and then showed off the receipts of that hookup during the trip to Hawaii.

Porsha addressed the matter during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Sunday.

"Well when we were at camp and the whole thing came up about the whole closet thing, I had said basically, talking about skeletons in the closet, I never said that Kandi was a lesbian," she clarified. "Once Kandi found out that I said that, which was light shade, she took it and ran. And the first thing she did was tell the girls, 'Porsha's an aggressive lesbian,' which I can care less 'cause I kissed you. I did it, whatever, it's not a big deal, if i was a lesbian. But she kind of started running with that, running with the Block issue, just kind of doing it over and over, so once we got to the table all hell just broke loose."

Porsha says she's over it these days. "I'm honestly done with it. For me, when we were at the club, that was nothing. It was three years ago, had a good time," she said. "But these girls don't get over things easily when it comes to me. They like to hold grudges when it comes to me. As you can see they'll sit up there [and] Kenya talked about Kandi's mother's wig. And Marlo talked about Kenya's mother not wanting her. And they immediately turn around and apologize and it's done. If I say anything, they hold it forever. So I'm done. I'm good."

Porsha has a theory about why she thinks the lesbian rumors have really gotten under Kandi's skin. "It was just a kiss and nothing else," she said. "She's really like in love with me, I guess."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo