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OC Sheriff Accused Of Allegedly Raping Alexa Curtin Denies Allegations And Places Blame On RHOC Daughter For “Self-Induced” Injuries!

The Orange County officer who is being accused of allegedly raping Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin is firing back. Orange County Sheriff officer named Deputy Nicholas Lee Caropino is denying he sexually assaulted the former Bravo reality star and says any injuries she suffered are due to her recklessness.

On March 22nd, Deputy Caropino headed to court denying the allegations that he raped the former reality star.

He states in regards to the alleged sexual misconduct in the complaint, he vehemently denies any and all allegations of wrongdoing. He is also asking judge to vacate the default judgement entered due to him failing to respond by the deadline, according to court documents obtained to The Dirty.

The response adds, “And in light of the serious nature of the accusation and the potential enormous money judgment involved, Caropino is entitled to his day in court. And such is what our law prefers; that is, to resolve as many cases on their substance rather than via some type of procedural defects.”

He says any alleged negligence of his part was in concurrence with Alexa’s own careless, reckless and negligence behavior. Caropino says if she is awarded damages it should be reduced according to the percentage of fault of Alexa.

Further, he says Alexa had full knowledge of the facts, dangers and consequences before entering into the situation … and voluntarily accepted the risk. He is alleging the reality star consented to any alleged actions that took place on the day in question. He is demanding the entire lawsuit be thrown out saying Alexa’s injuries were “self-induced”.

As previously reported, Curtin claimed that Deputy Nicholas Lee Caropino raped her. The cops were called when Curtin and her then-boyfriend got into a verbal fight. They separated the couple, and an officer drove her back to her car that was parked a block away.

“Upon arriving at Plaintiff’s vehicle, Deputy Caropino searched Plaintiff’s purse and vehicle,” the original suit claimed. “While searching Plaintiff’s vehicle, the Deputy Caropino found some of Plaintiff’s underwear and began inappropriately questioning Plaintiff about her underwear; asking if the underwear belonged to her, how many pairs she had, why she needed the underwear, etc.”

He then left the scene but told her “she was not free to leave” and “if she did leave, she would be in ‘a lot of trouble.'” Curtin stayed put, and attempted to fall asleep in her car while she waited.

But Caropino returned about 20 minutes later in his personal car in plain clothes. He allegedly told her, “since you are still here, I am going to f**k the sh*t out of you” and to “show me your p**y.”

Curtin claimed she was terrified of him, so she obliged.

“Deputy Caropino then pulled his pants down and shoved Plaintiff’s head down towards his genitals and forced her to orally copulate him despite her pleas to stop because he was hurting her,” the suit also claimed. The two then engaged in non-consensual sex, and “Deputy Caropino partially ejaculated inside of Plaintiff’s vagina, and partially on the passenger seat of Plaintiff’s vehicle.”

“Deputy Caropino then pulled up his pants, and asked Plaintiff for her cellular phone number so he could text her and to do this again,” Lynne Curtin’s daughter claimed. “Still afraid, Plaintiff gave Deputy Caropino an incorrect phone number. Then the Deputy Caropino returned to his personal vehicle and left.”

On March 17th, Alexa filed a motion for default judgement against her alleged rapist Nicholas Lee Caropino and is demanding $10 million in damages from the Deputy. Alexa says she has suffered personal injury in the form of her physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and emotional well-being because of the sexual assault.

She is seeking a default judgement in the amount of $10 million dollars broken down as, “$2,000,000 for the forced digital penetration, $2,000,000 for the forced oral copulation, and $2,000,000 for the forced intercourse; as well as another $4,000,000 in punitive damages as 66% of the compensatory damages, for a total of $10,000,000 before attorney’s fees and costs.”

Curtin says she will suffer the effects of the assault for years to come and the judgement is warranted due to his actions. Alexa is also seeking $203k in attorney fees.

Photo Credit: Google Images