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New Allegations Emerge In Case Against Orange County Deputy Accused Of Raping Lynne Curtin’s Daughter Alexa — Full Details Here!

Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin, is claiming the officer who allegedly raped her has a history of sexually assaulting women while on duty - and the Orange County Sheriff's Department knew and took no action, according to The Daily Mail.

Curtin has filed new documents in her case against Deputy Nicholas Lee Caropino and is demanding a judge to force the Department to turn over his personnel file.

The documents state: "Unfortunately for the community, Ms. Curtin was not the only person Deputy Caropino sexually assaulted," claiming a woman contacted Curtin's lawyer to relay her own experience with Caropino .

In 2013, the woman, identified in the documents as "Jane Doe #1," says the officer pulled her over for a DUI. He then asked her if she would ever "date a cop" to which she replied that she would not.

Caropino allegedly then asked her if she had been drinking and as she feared for her safety, she admitted to having had a "few margaritas." Caropino then turned off all his recording devices and took the investigation one step further.

"Deputy Caropino then asked if Ms. Doe #1 was "wet" and that he wanted to "feel her." He then reached in through the driver side window and forced his hand under her panties to fondle her genitals."

Caropino then said, "I want to f**k you right now," and told Ms. Doe #1 to follow him. Still fearful that he would harm her or take her to jail, she complied.

"She followed him to a parking lot, where he parked his squad car next to hers and directed her to get into the backseat of her car. He then engaged in non-consensual sexual intercourse with her in the backseat."

"Before leaving, Deputy Caropino asked Ms. Doe #1 for her phone number and she gave it to him. A few days later he started sending her vulgar threatening text messages that Ms. Doe #1 did not reciprocate."

Curtin's new documents explain that the unnamed woman is willing to testify in her case and claim that the Orange County Sheriff's Department knew about Deputy Caropino's prior incidents of sexual assault from 2013 and took no action against him.

Curtin also claims that through her own independent investigation she found another victim of Caropino. Jane Doe #2 says that while under arrest and in the back of a squad car, the officer uncuffed her hands and forced her to touch his genitals through his uniform.

He then intimidated her, coerced her and sexually assaulted her. Afterwards, he allegedly called and texted and showed up to her house in uniform to have "non-consensual sex."

Curtin's new documents demand the court order the Orange County Sheriff's Department to hand over Caropino's personnel file, any internal affairs investigations and criminal investigation records including "any sexual misconduct, assaults or inappropriate behavior" while on duty.

But the Department argues that she is not entitled to any of the documents or records due to "federal laws protecting the privacy interests of employees" an argument Curtin says is nonsense.

Read the court documents courtesy via The Daily Mail (Click to enlarge the documents below.)

Last month, an Orange County judge banned her from testifying about any 'bladder infections, post-traumatic stress or loss of enjoyment of sex' in her rape case. 

The judge ordered Curtin not to present any evidence relating to these 'injuries' or to seek damages for them.
Specifically, the order states that Curtin could not testify that she has 'loss interest in sex or suffered post-traumatic stress disorder or that she may require mental health treatment.'

The judged added that the 23-year-old cannot discuss any 'bladder infections' or 'other urological disorders' as part of her testimony.

Last year, Curtin filed a suit claiming that in April 2014, she was raped by an Orange County Sheriff's Deputy at a traffic stop.

Orange County has demanded the case be thrown out, saying the reality star consented to any alleged sexual activity that occurred.

Earlier this year, Curtin's grandmother, Marilou Colee filed an 'elder abuse' restraining order against her 23-year-old granddaughter, claiming that her granddaughter has spiraled out of control and broke into her California home in Mission Viejo.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Goggle Images