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Lisa Oldfield Shares Her First Impression Of RHOS Co-Star Krissy Marsh: “I Found Krissy To Be Devoid Of Both A Penis And A Brain”

Lisa Oldfield is taking to her personal blog to dish on the series premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Lisa Oldfield reveals her first impressions of the RHOS ladies and throws some major shade towards their direction, in especially co-star Krissy Marsh.

Lisa writes:

"Unlike some of the other Real Housewives of Sydney, I had the luxury of knowing some of my fellow castmates before filming. Conversely, I hope to never see some of them ever again.

Today I took a time trip back to my diary in August 2016, here is a record of my first impressions on the other Real Housewives of Sydney. Let me know what you think ?

Nicole O’Neil is a long-time family friend who I have always known to be beautiful, articulate, charming and polished. Nicole is probably the closest living example of a Stepford Wife, her marriage, her kids and her home are perfect. If she wasn’t a sweetheart, I’d probably hate her guts.

Matty Samei is a force of nature. A survivor of war, a refugee, and a dud first marriage, few people would be able to pick themselves up and then ascend to the dizzying heights Matty enjoys. There is so much I love and admire about Matty, but it is her warmth, kindness and no-bullshit attitude that makes her a trusted friend and confidant.

Athena X Levendi was known to me only peripherally (I have been a long time lover of Levendi jewellery) but I thank Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Poseidon and a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses for bringing her in to my life. Athena X might come across as if she needs more medication and less meditation at first, but she a phenomenal woman. Athena X intrigues me and frustrates me in equal measure. Athena X always brings the crazy, but in a very positive and fun way !

Melissa Tkautz reminds me of a Barbie Doll. Perfectly proportioned, blonde, and like Barbie she’s a singer, actress, model and could probably be an astronaut, doctor, and cowgirl if she put her mind to it. Despite her many talents and her good looks, Melissa is very down to earth and awesome to have a laugh and a few drinks with.

Victoria Rees brings to mind the old adage “there’s good in everybody” although it is bloody hard to find in Victoria. Victoria has a very sardonic sense of humour, which can be misconstrued as bitterness – hence our nickname for her “Victoria Bitter” Life hasn’t been kind to Victoria but she rolls with the punches and you have to admire her fighting spirit – I guess.

On first meeting Krissy Marsh I was thrilled. Brash and bold, I congratulated the Producers on casting the first Drag Queen Housewife ! You can imagine just how disappointed I was when I found Krissy to be devoid of both a penis and a brain. Normally I enjoy being around brash and bold women, but when the height of humour consists of yelling “Taxi !” at a smashed glass it does become rather tiresome."

What do you think about Lisa’s blog?

The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Foxtel