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Lala Kent Explains How And Why She Reconciled With Scheana Shay!

After having a falling out earlier this season on Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent and Scheana Shay have moved on from their past feud and their friendship is now stronger than ever before. The former SUR hostess explains how and why the two reconciled.

"Scheana and I are close. I'm with her a lot. I was just at her boyfriend's house for his roommate's birthday and we talk every single day," Lala confirmed to The Daily Dish. The twosome sparked attention that they had reconciled after they began popping up on each other's social media feeds recently following a friend break-up, which took place when Scheana decided she needed to put her other friendships first. "I don't really know if they're not down for the cause," Lala added on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen about how Scheana's inner circle of friends feels about the reconciliation.

As for how they reconnected, Lala broke it down. "She had approached me about me doing music with Shay and she was not OK with it. And the way she came at me the first time, I was on defense mode," Lala recalled. "She ended up texting our friend relaying the messages back and forth. My friend then said, 'Well, you're attacking her. Maybe go in and be a normal person.' And she did, [and] right then I said I won't work with him. There's a million people I can work with on music. And right there the ice was broken."

"And I started checking in on her ever so often 'cause I knew she was going through her divorce and then she just asked me to lunch one day and the rest is history," she said.

When Lala and Scheana did have their falling out, it was a hard break for the one-time SUR hostess, who had valued their friendship. "I've always loved her though," she said. "I feel like she just had a good heart. I think she was the one who probably hurt me the most when she cut me off because I'm like, 'I liked you. You were so fun.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo