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Krissy Marsh Would “Jump At The Chance For Season Two” Of RHOS And Says That One Of Her Co-Stars “Assassinates” Her Character Later In The Season!

Real Housewives of Sydney star Krissy Marsh reveals she doesn't want her family to watch the show in anticipation of a fellow cast member 'assassinating' her character in an upcoming episode. "I have now watched up to episode eight and there is one episode I have told people, especially my mum not to watch," she told The Daily Telegraph.

She continued:  "I can't say much, but someone assassinates my character... That is a difficult thing for my parents to watch."

Krissy described the argument with a co-star and said she took off her microphone and stormed out to call her husband and refused to speak to anyone else.

After the first episodes where she was called Chewbacker by fellow housewife Lisa Oldfield, Krissy says her family have been very protective of her.

"They get so protective, I keep telling everyone to calm down it is just TV, my mum have to keep telling her to relax," she said. "My family called me upset after the first episode saying 'You've never been a mean girl.'"

The mother-of-three says she doesn't let her kids watch the show because she doesn't think they need to see it.

"I let my older son watch, but my two younger children do not," she said. "My younger son complains, saying his friends and even teachers at school are talking about the show."

Krissy says there is an upcoming episode in which all the housewives do charity work together and she plans on letting all three of her children watch.

While all of the cast said filming the show was extremely emotional, Krissy has said she would love the chance to return for a second season.

"I think we all questioned it (coming back) at different times," she said. "There have been points where you rip the microphone off but now, I think I would jump at the chance for season two."

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Foxtel