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Krissy Marsh Dishes On Her Heated Confrontation With Lisa Oldfield: “I Know The Things Being Said Are Coming From A Truly Pained Person”

Krissy Marsh is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. Krissy talks about the drama at Athena X Levendi's art exhibition and her confrontation with Lisa Oldfield.

Krissy writes:

"Reflecting upon episode five I have to say I do feel quite emotional and generally perplexed about how fragile some of our relationships have become…how did we get here, with some of these women now barking the most obscene things at each other?

I, like many of the other women, was hoping the Whitsundays time away would deepen and strengthen our bonds but I almost feel as though it has fractured potential friendships….

Sitting with Melissa and Nicole that day, we all felt the same sadness.  Sad because Lisa had to leave our trip earlier than planned, sad that she didn’t feel like we had her back enough to stick around.  The raising of her voice at Melissa and I to be heard is testament to how empathetic Nicole is to Lisa – there’s that very real concern for Lisa’s mental and emotional well-being, we are all feeling it.  No one likes to see a sister down.

Thinking about it now I know I do have a tendency to try lighten-up situations and perhaps Lisa took my reaction to the swan rescue as me deriving pleasure from her pain.  At the time we were all ladies away on a gorgeous boat for a few days without a care in the world so it should have been a fun time…I am certainly not someone who enjoys seeing others in pain, I don’t believe any of the women are.  Not for a minute did I suggest the rip was a fake story – but maybe that swan!  And that morbidly obese man!

I also seek out faction from fiction…so one minute Lisa is breaking down over her marital concerns and anniversary but then after the boat trip, she tells us she had a headache…well to me, that’s just inconsistent, it’s certainly not a questioning of anyone’s marriage or finding humour in someone else’s pain.  It is plain and simple getting to the bottom of things…

As for the Amy Winehouse post, I never said Lisa herself was attention seeking I just felt the whole post was appalling and thoughtless.  Amy Winehouse died of an addiction, one that so many women and men battle with on a daily basis.  For Lisa to think there is any humour to addictions and death…five years sober because she was five years dead, I just can’t see anything funny about that nor do I assume anyone suffering with the torment of an addiction or any of those that suffer with them would find that post remotely funny. Need I say more?!

Seeing Lisa return to David from our trip pains me – for the both of them.  Each person in a relationship deserves to feel good and you can clearly see, whilst they both love each other very much, there is a lot of pain.  I feel for Lisa as a strong business-woman, it is always a juggle of family and work.  I can relate to her like so many other women. But one question I still have for Lisa – what’s with calling us harpies?  Am fairly certain each and every single person on that boat trip was a female human…not some female mythical monster!

Before I think about the disaster that was Athena’s exhibition – I can’t stop laughing about Matty’s Nightmare on Elm Street.  First of all what was Matty thinking – walking several dogs in high-heels…you can’t even do that with one dog!!!  I love, love, love dogs and growing up in the bush at any one time we could have five of them running around so I know a thing or two about pooches – here’s a tip Matty, leave the Louboutins at home next time to avoid the tangled mess.

After all the Whitsundays carry-on I was really looking forward to seeing the girls at Athena X’s Second Chance exhibition – perhaps there was a chance we could really put all that behind us?  Uh-uh.

Sadly Melissa wasn’t able to join us  – am sure each and every single one of us has speculated why and it’s certainly not because she doesn’t love herself…Athena’s a funny-one whilst she does come from a very good place, not all of us feel the energy and maybe Melissa just had enough of her high-voltage vibration.

I did go to support Athena’s ‘art-100 years ahead of its time’ because that’s what us chicks do but honour her…stop right there!  I certainly felt for her, it was her time to shine but she let herself down – swearing in-front of her guests like that.

I think we were all just trying to get her to understand Melissa, like all of us, has lots of things going on and at the end of the day she isn’t Athena X’s project to criticise.  I don’t think it is anyone’s place to be speculating whether Melissa has any sort of eating disorder and I know factually Victoria never said that. I felt really disappointed in Athena X’s comment about Melissa not being smart enough to appreciate her art – that is the beauty of art, despite whoever we are, we all can appreciate it.  We can have all our own interpretation of what art is and what it means to us.  Doh!!!

The decision to leave your kids with a nanny is a hard-one, it is a big deal – I remember starting my business when Billy was just 8 weeks old, I felt sick walking out the door.  So I guess the last thing Melissa needs is Athena X harping on at her.  Maybe that’s what Lisa means when she refers to us as harpies J

And, of course at the most opportune time at the exhibition Lisa makes her presence known as Athena X’s energy is going off like a firecracker.  So many hurtful, careless, nasty things were said, it genuinely pains me to think this all played out in public as it did – I know the things being said are coming from a truly pained person, it doesn’t change the fact it hurts for my nearest and dearest to witness these terrible things being said to me.  No one should ever be spoken to and that is why I have to pull myself out of the situation – once things are that toxic, there needs to be space, A LOT of it.

Tim Olsen is someone I truly treasure – hold him very dear and I think he sums it up all very nicely with a few simple words…we are all flawed.

Some have veils and sometimes with others what you see is what you get…"

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