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Kim Richards Could Face Jail Time If She Doesn’t Complete 450 Hours Of Community Service!

E! News reports that Kim Richards could face jail time if she fails to complete 450 hours of community labor by September 7, 2017. Richards' attorney appeared in court on behalf of her client Friday for a probation modification hearing. She stood before Commissioner Jane Godfrey who told her if the hours weren't completed at Midnight Mission by the specified date the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star could receive jail time.

However, she could avoid a sentence based on good cause, meaning she wouldn't have all the hours completed but she'd be almost done or proving she's making an effort to finish them.

At the next hearing, which will take place on September 7, Richards must show a "written progress report" from Midnight Mission outlining the hours she has completed by that date. Depending on the work she has completed, Richards will either spend time in jail or the court will set a new completion date.

Richards was originally supposed to do 30 days of community labor, but Friday's hearing was held to modify the sentence, which resulted in a new ruling of 450 hours.

The former child star narrowly avoided jail time in August when her attorney appeared in court and argued for a probation violation hearing that while she did miss the initial deadline for completing 20 days of community service and 52 AA meetings, she has since completed those tasks.

"Kim is up to date on all her requirements with the court and her probation was reinstated," Richards' lawyer told E! News.

Richards was sentenced back in October 2015 for her Target shoplifting arrest after she plead no contest to one count of petty theft. She was originally charged for stealing upwards of $600 worth of items.

Photo Credit: Bravo