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Jax Taylor Teases “Intense” Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Reunion Special!

The fifth season of Vanderpump Rules is coming to the end soon, which only mean that a reunion special is right around the corner. As previously reported, the cast filmed the reunion back on Friday, February 24. Now, Jax Taylor is spilling the tea about the "intense" event.  "It was really intense," Jax told E! News. "It's going to be very surprising because I'm sitting next to James [Kennedy], they plotted me right next to James. People are going to be surprised."

And they might be surprised by some of the familiar faces they see appear during the special, with Jax teasing, "There's a lot of surprise guests. There's a lot of people that pop in, pop out."

But we already know that Lala Kent and Mike Shay are making an appearance.

But Jax, who has taken a lot of heat in previous reunions, said season five's taping was "a lot of fun" for him. "It was good for me this year though, I didn't get a lot of heat. I stayed back a little bit, I didn't take that much."

However, Taylor revealed that it wasn't "fun" for Katie Maloney, whose faced some backlash this season after her troubles with now-husband Tom Schwartz and the drama among the girls in the group leading up to her wedding.

"Katie gets beat up pretty bad," Jax revealed. "I mean, she's been beat up all season. She's taking it hard this season, too. She's kind of literally taking it really, really hard, with phone calls to everybody. She was kind of wanting to just go crawl in a hole. She took it really bad, so the reunion was no exception. She took a lot of heat."

Photo Credit: Bravo