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Jax Taylor Opens Up About His Feud With ‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall: “He’s A “F***ing Douchebag”

During a recent appearance on The Daily Dish Podcast, Jax Taylor dropped a huge bomb about his recent encounter with the latest Bachelor, Nick Viall. The Vanderpump Rules star revealed that the two have a  mutual friend in SoCal who was opening a hotel and wanted the pair there to draw a crowd.

Naturally, Jax was happy to help out a friend. Apparently, when Jax asked Nick to take a picture to promote their friend's business Nick claimed he "didn't do social media," according to Jax.

"First of all buddy, don't toot your own horn, I have no f***ing idea who you don't do that? Bro, you're on the f***ing Bachelor. You're gonna be gone in two weeks and nobody will know who the f*** you are," Jax said that night. And it didn't stop there.

"Well you're a f***ing piece of sh**, " he told the lovelorn Nick who continued to refuse a picture, "Your friend brought you here as a favor to help him out, you're gonna act like that? You're a f***ing d-bag." Things escalated from there into a full-blown argument.

While Jax admits that there was some alcohol involved in the scuffle, his bad feelings for Nick remain. "I just think he's a douchebag." He threw even more shade at the Bachelor after Rachael explained that Nick has been on not one but four seasons and spinoffs of the ABC show, "Oh, for somebody who doesn't really like the show and talks negatively about the show, he's sure on it an awful lot."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo