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Eileen Davidson Says She “Felt Absolutely Awful” Upsetting Erika Girardi In Hong Kong!

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen Davidson discuses the misunderstanding moment she had with Erika Girardi in Hong Kong.

Eileen writes:

"Dispatch from the junk boat: SOS! SOS!

I knew from the beginning that the thing between Dorit and Erika would eventually come to a head. What I didn’t expect was to have Lisa R. and me dragged into it as well. Dorit’s reaction was surprising. Erika had some strong words—probably because she’d been keeping the deep embarrassment and hurt she had for “pantygate” in for so long. Instead of sincerely apologizing, Dorit landed some pretty harsh critiques back. Calling Lisa R. “low-class” and to “question if Erika has feelings” was uncalled for.

Additionally, both PK and Dorit saying that Erika has an inflated sense of self because she “pays people to love her” is just plain creepy, especially coming from the only other woman who brought a glam squad to Hong Kong, I might add! 

There’s also a lot of confusion about intentions here. One minute we see PK and Dorit saying—as they’ve done many times—that Erika was putting it all out there and making crass jokes at her expense. Then on the junk boat, Dorit said how no one ever questioned that Erika flashed PK on purpose! She even insinuated as much to Lisa R. and me!

We all needed some serenity the next day. The gondolas were terrifying, but the perfect way to experience the views of the green, misty mountains. I think visiting the Buddha statue brought a sense of calm and wonder to each of us. And this California girl got to light the biggest incense stick in the universe! What a unique and humbling experience going to the Buddha was. And that feeling of peace and serenity lasted all of us…until dinnertime.

Last week, I said that we as a group don’t do well on boats. Let’s add restaurants to that list. It got heated. It got ugly. I felt like I needed to step in only when I saw Dorit was genuinely trying to apologize. Erika was not in the place to hear that. I didn’t feel it was right at that point not to try to help to find a resolution. When will I learn?

What I said was a hyperbolic statement intended to mean, “It’s not as big of a deal as it could be.” This was for some perspective when Erika said nothing Dorit could do would make it right. I never, ever, EVER considered that Erika would take it as me disrespecting her or her son. Nothing could be further from the truth. I felt absolutely awful. After the initial shock, I realized that there were some more things going on to lead Erika to that reaction. She was absolutely right, I don’t know how that must feel, but I have tremendous respect for the sacrifices her son makes and the sacrifices of her whole family.

Check, please!

Looks like we’re gonna need all the incense in Hong Kong to get through the rest of this trip."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo