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Eileen Davidson: “It Should Come As No Surprise To Dorit That Erika Was Embarrassed”

Eileen Davidson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eileen Davidson dishes on Hong Kong trip and shares her thoughts on Dorit Kemsley's face-off with Erika Girardi.

Eileen writes:

"Hong Kong? How about Wrong Kong?

I should have taken my lack of sleep on the plane as an omen of how this trip was going to be: EXHAUSTING.

Hong Kong was stunning. The bold colors, scintillating lights, and huge, modern buildings— not to mention the generous chocolate towers in the hotel rooms—were a delight for the senses.

Even though we were all jet-lagged (Me most of all. Hello! No sleep on the plane!), we rallied for cocktails after we landed. All I can say about Eden’s story about “London” is: I’m now even more grateful that I’m married. It’s tough out there in the dating scene! But, even when I was single, I would never have dreamed of putting myself in a situation like Eden has by not getting a second hotel room. All the ladies felt the same. Hopefully, she heeds our advice or at least brings mace.

As a fellow animal lover, I was very intrigued to learn more about the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Lisa Vanderpump gave an open invite, and I decided to come along and learn more about the work she’s doing. I got to see the atrocities of the Yulin Festival and gained a deeper understanding for Lisa V.’s passion. I, myself, have been rescuing dogs my whole life. If nothing else, I feel like maybe we both understand each other a little better now. This might have been a real turning point for the two of us.

Maybe there’s hope for this trip yet! Just kidding…

In regards to Lisa R.’s “sixth sense,” obviously this is B.S. She even admits it is! I’m not going to even go there, though. Despite the mysterious nature of Lisa R.’s anonymous source, Eden did confirm what Dorit had said about Lisa R.’s behavior being “induced.” And we all saw it. It was also brought up on several other occasions, namely in Mexico. Dorit DID bring up Lisa R.’s pill bag and intimated something sinister about them several times. How Lisa R. found it out isn’t important. Dorit offered this information, now, twice to excuse Lisa R.’s behavior and words about Kim. I’ve already mentioned how ironic this is.

On the junk boat (how fitting!), something that’s been building all year came to a head.

We’ve all witnessed the way Dorit and PK have discussed Erika. I knew Erika’s true feelings would come out eventually. And when they did, I sat back and let the two of them handle it. I even attempted to help smooth things over until Dorit came after me about it. I was trying to HELP Dorit, and so was Kyle, by telling her Erika was embarrassed. She didn’t listen, and in fact, she vilified me for it at Game Night. Now, it should come as no surprise to Dorit that Erika was embarrassed. I feel like I should have the words, “Don’t shoot the messenger,” tattooed on my forehead.

Now we’re stuck on this junk boat, and everyone is involved. I do not predict smooth sailing.

This group does not have good luck on boats…"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo