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Ben Gillies’ Shoulder Injury May Prevent Him From Ever Touring Again — Find Out Why!

Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies, who's married with Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies has been suffering a severe shoulder injury after weight training with a personal trainer, that means he may never tour again.

The Herald Sun reports that the 37-year-old claims his right shoulder was seriously was injured on his first visit to Melbourne Health and Fitness in early 2014 when trainer Jeremy Strong insisted he continue to bench press a weight despite his protests that it was “too heavy”.

“It is unlikely, given the nature of his injury, that (Gillies) will ever achieve pre-injury level of drumming skills to enable him to tour or return to his previous ability,” his statement of claim says.

“(Gillies) experiences severe pain and fatigue in his shoulder after drumming and, notwithstanding the deterioration in his skills, would not be able to undertake the gruelling demands a lengthy tour requires.”

Gillies alleges Mr Strong not only dismissed his concerns, with words to the effect of “c’mon mate, you’ll be alright” but then twice increased the weight on the bar.

The drummer claims his protests after each weight increase were also ignored and as a result he injured his right shoulder.

In his writ Gillies says he suffered a torn supraspinatus tendon, inflammation of the supraspinatus muscle, necrosis of the muscle and loss of shoulder girdle function, scarring, anxiety and depression.

Gilles claims the injury also forced him to turn down TV roles on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Celebrity Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother.

Gillies says he continues to receive medical treatment from an orthopedic specialist and a GP, along with physio and hydrotherapy.

He claims the gym and Mr Strong breached their contract with him by failing to provide their services with due care and skill and that each of them should have known that such a failure could result in serious injury, particularly on a persons’ first training session, reports the publication.

Gillies alleges there had been no prior assessment of his skill level or ability to perform the directed exercises.

His statement of claim claims a reasonable gym or trainer would have ensured such an assessment was undertaken and would have reduced the weight or ceased an activity once told a weight was too heavy.

Gillies seeks unspecified damages from the gym and Mr Strong, including for income lost through his inability to accept offered roles.

Photo Credit: Foxtel