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Athena X Levendi: “I Do Find Nicole’s Eagerness To Point Out My Flaws A Bit Tedious And Righteous”

AthenaX Levendi is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. AthenaX Levendi discusses her fall out with Matty Samaei, her art and Greek party.

AthenaX writes:

"When I got the call to be part of ‘The Real Housewives of Sydney’ I was excited. Filming this episode in particular was interesting because by Ep 3 we had started to get used to the camera’s but still didn’t really know each other that well. By this stage the girls knew I was spiritual, but they still didn’t really know me. Some of them still don’t!

After Matty’s walkout in Episode 2, I met up with Nicole and Lisa to talk about what happened at Victoria’s lunch. My meeting with Nicole and Lisa was quite constructive in the sense that it was great to have a perspective on how the girls were perceiving me and wanting to see a change in me.

I understand that I might come across as someone who enjoys to talk (Panos often has trouble shutting me up!), but it can be hard to get your point across when you’re sitting at a table full of strong, opinionated women!

My intentions, at Victoria’s lunch, where not to run down Matty’s business or what she does for a living. I admire the fact that Matty is self-made and very passionate about her profession. I actually thought I was being funny and defusing the situation with my humour, when I said to Matty “one for you and one for your client” – but the other girls don’t always get my sense of humour (I guess Lisa and I have that in common).

I do find Nicole’s eagerness to point out my flaws a bit tedious and righteous, as she hardly knows me. Does she really think that this is the best way to get to know someone – by constantly pointing out their flaws?

When I see what I am wearing in the scene with Tim Olsen…what was I thinking?! I kind of regret that outfit in hindsight! Ha ha!

My intentions were to have some kind of closure from my previous meeting with Tim (which didn’t go so well), so I was determined that I was going to make a lasting impression and leave nothing up to chance! I believe confidence is key – unless you are confident in what you do nobody will believe in you! So I decided to walk into the gallery with all the confidence in the world and that ridiculous big bow!

I might have seemed confident (I can’t believe I told Tim my work was “100 years ahead of its time”!!) but I was actually very nervous. I was talking to one of the most influential art dealers in Australia! I can’t lie – when he said my artwork was ‘decorative’ it hurt! But I got my exhibition and I have to believe that that’s down to confidence (and Tim believing in me, and willing to take a chance on me!).

As you probably already know I love a reason to get all dressed up, and I guess being the birthday girl is a great excuse to go crazy! Since the theme was ‘Greek’ it was only natural that I would go ‘Greek goddess style’! Thanks to all the gods of Olympus for guiding me to the talented fashion designer Mariam Seddiq, who made the most divine jumpsuit with an attached cape (no risk of Victoria throwing that cape into the harbour!).

So much effort went into planning my birthday party. Panos found the most amazing Greek restaurant and organised a stunning triple decker cake for me. My brother in law Mike arranged traditional Greek dancers and music! The stage was set for a beautiful party – I just wondered if Matty would come…

I can’t understand why Melissa and Krissy insisted that I hadn’t made an effort to contact Matty – I called Matty but she never called me back. I even texted her (which is more than I got from Victoria when she threw my cape away)! Had Matty responded to my message or answered my call, I would have apologised. Obviously she didn’t want to connect with me but instead wanted to hold onto her anger…and grudge.

Regardless of what had been said, I did miss Matty as I truly like her and wanted her to be part of the fun.

I will say that Melissa’s finger pointing was quite alarming as I didn’t see it coming from such a sweet girl who presents herself as the peace maker!

As for Krissy, I couldn’t understand why she thought it was acceptable to embarrass me at my own party and call me “nasty” in front of my family and friends. Interesting that neither Melissa nor Krissy arrived with a birthday gift or card – but Victoria, Nicole and Lisa were all very generous. Thanks especially to Lisa who gifted me a week’s stay in Fiji for Panos and I. Sunshine here we come!

Overall, we managed to get along, share a dance, eat some cake and finish the night with an ‘opa’ on a high! And for once, no one stormed off mid party! I’d call that a successful night in the Housewife world!

To live in the moment is invigorating and really that’s all we have. All the other moments are just a faded memory.

Namaste AthenaX"

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The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Foxtel