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Athena X Levendi: “When I Get Worked Up I Say Things…Things That I Sometimes Regret”

Athena X Levendi is taking to her Arena Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. AthenaX opens up about her issues with Melissa Tkautz and shares her thoughts on the drama at her art exhibition.

Athena X writes:

"The Whitsunday’s girls trip was a real eye opener for me. I had no idea that Lisa was struggling to that extent in her marriage to David. My heart went out to her…

Seeing a friend struggle with something so personal really helped me put my problems with Melissa into perspective. Melissa (who had chosen to believe newcomer Victoria over me, her friend of 10 years) and I may have argued, but upon reflection it all seemed so trivial.

Interestingly enough Melissa was very cold to me on the flight home from the Whitsunday’s – I felt ignored and isolated. Melissa had made her choice and seemed happy with her new group of friends – Victoria, Nicole and Krissy.

When Melissa was a no-show at my exhibition I was hurt. I thought being an artist herself, she, out of all the girls, would appreciate how nerve wrecking putting yourself on display would be. She was obviously really hurt by what happened in the Whitsunday’s. It’s hard for me to understand why. I really was coming from a good place trying to warn her that her new friends were talking about her behind her back. She didn’t want to hear it.

Preparing for my exhibition was stressful to say the least. Because I had been in the Whitsunday’s I only had days to organize, collect and hang my works. Thankfully I had my lovely husband Panos on hand to help!

I was intensely nervous, excited and tired – my adrenaline was pumping like crazy! I guess that explains why I was on edge and so quick to anger when Nicole, Krissy and Matty arrived, guns blazing. I felt like the girls had not come to support my art but were here to sabotage my exhibition – they were only interested in Melissa and why she had decided not to come.

As you know by now, when I get worked up I say things…Things that I sometimes regret. I should never have questioned Mel’s artistic ability, that was below the belt. But I meant what I said about the pot plant – I do feel that she sits in the corner, silent. I wish she would speak up for herself more.

Thank God for Lisa! When she arrived I was surprised, after the Whitsunday’s I wondered whether she would come. And after what happened I bet Krissy wishes she didn’t.

I know Lisa regrets the way she acted that night, and some of the things she said to Krissy. It was a low point for her and a reflection of how bad things had gotten at home. In my opinion some of what Lisa said rang true – Krissy often thinks she is being funny and sexy talking about her sex life and flirting with good looking waiters, but it gets tired very quickly.

On reflection I can only say we all behaved…recklessly"

What do you think about Athena X’s blog?

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Photo Credit: Foxtel