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Ariana Madix Teases An “Uncomfortable” Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Reunion!

Ariana Madix is sharing details about the upcoming Vanderpump Rules Season 5 reunion. The SURver explains why the special taping was a mixed bag of emotions for her. "The reunion was intense. It was hilarious at times. It was a little weird at times," she told The Daily Dish.

"There were some people that I kind of refused to engage with just because I felt like their presence was inappropriate. However, I think that whoever watches it will be very entertained. I know physical humor is not really a typical thing of a Vanderpump Rules reunion, but there's definitely some of that."

Ariana already knows that reunion seating chart featuring well-known adversaries Jax Taylor and James Kennedy sitting next to one another already has people talking. "Jax and James sitting next to each other will either be exactly what you thought it would be like or it will be nothing like what you thought it would be like," she teased. "You'll have to watch, I guess."

"Our reunions are always uncomfortable. I mean, can you imagine sitting in a room full of people that have said horrible things about you, that you may have said horrible things about?" she said. "There's something about our reunions that feel therapeutic, in a way, but [they're also] very uncomfortable."

All in all, Ariana said she was satisfied with how the reunion turned out, except for that aforementioned "inappropriate" special guest showing up. "I think for the most part, I really think I got everything out at the reunion that I needed to say," she explained. "It went by in a flash, even though it was, like, 10 hours. I think I said all I have to say, other than of course I'm not going to drag certain people who showed up because I think it's inappropriate."

But much of the Vanderpump Rules crew still managed to be on good terms after the reunion — well, good enough terms to go out afterward, as Stassi Schroeder and Andy Cohen previously discussed on WWHL. "After the reunion, most of us went and got drinks. And then ate some food. You're kind of on this high of being done, and then it starts to settle in, maybe something that someone said that you forgot about during the day. And then you start getting pissed all over again," Ariana said. "I think of so many better things to have said after the fact. Like any argument, any conversation, I feel like that always happens."

Luckily, it wasn't long before Ariana blew off some reunion steam on the slopes. "And so then Tom [Sandoval] and I just decided to get the hell out of Dodge. We went to Big Bear [Lake in California] with Scheana [Shay] and her new boyfriend. And we went snowboarding. We had a great time," she said. "I took out my post-reunion frustrations on my knees when I was falling on my snowboard all day. So I guess the mental anguish turned into physical anguish. And then I just got into a hot tub and drank and worked it all out."

But Ariana fully expects all of the emotions of the reunion to come rushing back to her when she relives it on TV. "When I watch it, I'll get immediately 1,000 times more pissed. And then I'll just have to refrain from rage tweeting," she said. "I'm usually pretty good at keeping myself from doing that. But sometimes, man, you just gotta say something."

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights at 9/8c only on Bravo. For International TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo