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Tinsley Mortimer Reportedly Struggling To Ingratiate Herself With New York Social Scene After Joining RHONY!

According to a new report, Real Housewives of New York City's newest cast member Tinsley Mortimer is struggling to ingratiate herself with her newfound New York friends upon her return from exile in Palm Beach, Florida.

It was reported last month that Mortimer, the top New York society swan, desperately wants to return to her throne as the town’s No. 1 socialite and hoped that her role on Bravo’s “Real Housewives” would help catapult her back to the top.

However, it seems that things aren’t off to a great start. Page Six reports that Tinsley has raised the ire of her fellow “Housewives” by failing to live up their lofty standards of proper etiquette.

In particular, the erstwhile queen of high society has offended the group by accepting longtime cast member Sonja Morgan’s hospitality — Mortimer has been staying with Morgan while filming the show — without coughing up a gift.

“If you’re a socialite — never mind a ‘socialite,’ if you’re a human — if you’re a guest at someone’s home, you buy them a bottle of wine, or at least a card,” a source close to the situation told the publication.

Apparently, Ramona Singer has boldly taken the matter in hand and confronted Mortimer — who was once married to Topper Mortimer and was arrested for trespassing in Palm Beach last year during a dispute with her ex-boyfriend Nico Fanjul — about the faux pas.

Meanwhile, it's been reported that her presence on the show has yet to bring the new blush of energy to the action as had been hoped by its producers.

Another source reveals that Mortimer continues to linger on-camera over her ill-fated romance with Fanjul, which has failed to set the screen alight. The publication reported that her storyline would involve her search for love in New York, which has so far been fruitless. But Mortimer’s rep sniffed, “There’s no truth to these rumors.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images