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The Real Housewives Of Sydney Cast Throw Major Shade At The Real Housewives Of Auckland!

Krissy Marsh, Victoria Rees and Nicole O'Neil were recently in New Zealand to promote the first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney, which premieres on Bravo New Zealand at the end of the month. The women were in Auckland for a special screening of the premiere episode where they also got to met The Real Housewives of Auckland.

When asked about how the RHOS ladies felt about meeting the Kiwi Housewives, the Sydney ladies didn't hold anything back.

Although they were impressed by the charm of Anne Batley Burton, they thought a few of the others left a lot to be desired. "I felt like walking over to them and saying 'Listen honeys you're not Nicole Kidman!'" Marsh told Stuff.

"I think the fame has gone to their head a little bit," said O'Neil.

Marsh agreed naming Michelle Blanchard and Gilda Kirkpatrick as the worst offenders.

Talking about their favorite moments of the show, Marsh was quick to bring up Angela Stone and book-gate.

"I think the naivete of Angela giving everyone the book on how to dress... that was just pure classic and she couldn't work out why any of these women would be offended."

However, Marsh ended on a good note, giving a few good reasons why men should should tune in with their wives.

"I think with Sydney, it is not just a bitch fight... you can sit and look at beautiful boats, fast cars, there is a lot in there for a man to watch... and big boobs," laughed Marsh.

This was something in which all the women were in agreement. "She [Marsh] won the Olympics for the best boobs," said Rees.

The first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney premieres on Sunday, February 26 at 8:30pm on Arena In Australia and on Tuesday, February 28 at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Lawrence Smith/FairfaxNZ