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Shereé Whitfield Weighs In On Kenya Moore And Matt Jordan's Drama: “I Don't Wish That On Anyone”

This season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shereé Whitfield and Kenya Moore have feuded over their homes, Chateau Shereé and Moore Manor. However, most recently the two reality stars had a heated discussion that involved allegations of being in abusive relationships — and whether Kenya did anything to provoke then-boyfriend Matt Jordan, who has had a few outbursts this season.

After that conversation aired on the Bravo hit reality series, Kenya headed to Instagram to say that Shereé used "#alternativefacts" during the argument, adding, "No woman should be blamed for a man being violent or accused of provoking a man." Now, Shereé is defending her comments regarding Moore's former romance.

"Now let's be clear, I said because she in this whole meeting [about Porsha's anger management said] that she's afraid of Porsha; she does provoke people. Kenya has provoked a lot of the ladies," Shereé told The Daily Dish. "I'm not saying that she provoked Matt, but maybe you should worry about why he's breaking your windows instead of sitting here claiming that you're afraid of Porsha ... Kenya getting up from the table, following her — you can't keep poking the bear. But on the Matt situation, now that has nothing to do with me saying she provoked him. I'm saying, 'You should find out why, but I do know in this group you have provoked a lot of people.'"

Still, Shereé notes that abuse is not a topic that should be taken or discussed lightly. "You know you never want to see a woman go through abuse. I've been a victim to it and so many other women have, so even when she came to me [and said], 'Well, you've had someone beat you,' ... that was so inappropriate," she said. "It was inappropriate and it was selfish. And it was shows that she really has no compassion to say something like that, because women get abused all the time and that's nothing that you make fun of or say in a joking manner or try to hurt somebody with. Watching her and Matt, it was... I don't wish that on anyone."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo