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Shereè Whitfield Thinks Her RHOA Co-Stars Are Looking To Get A ‘Specific’ Reaction Out Of Porsha Williams!

Shereè Whitfield is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shereé Whitfield thinks the ladies are just looking to get a reaction out of Porsha Williams. Check it out! Why did you decide to tell Shamea about what Phaedra said?
Shereé Whitfield: First, congratulations to Shamea on her engagement! I wish her all the best on her journey to becoming a "Mrs." When we were at the engagement celebration, Phaedra's name came up in the conversation, and I think it was only fair to give Shamea an opportunity to address the rumor. Were you surprised that Porsha confronted you about telling Shamea what Phaedra said?
SW: I respected Porsha for how she handled herself. I think it was mature of her to pull me aside from the group and address me one-on-one. She gets an "A" for conflict resolution. What was going through your mind during the conversation with Porsha on the bus?

SW: Have these ladies not learned anything? Leave Porsha alone! It seems that some of these ladies are looking for Porsha to react in a specific way and they won't be satisfied until they get the reaction they are looking for. You can't keep poking the bear and not expect it to attack!

Keep watching, as things are just heating up in the ATL!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo