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RHOCheshire Stars Dawn Ward And Leanne Brown Are At War Over A £500,000 Loan, Threatening Legal Action — Full Details Here!

Looks like the upcoming fifth season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire is going to be a good one, finally some REAL drama is kicking off between two cast members and it's serious. According to a new report, former besties Dawn Ward and Leanne Brown are at war over a £500,000 loan ($621,595.00 USD).

The Daily Mail reports that Leanne Brown, who is married to former Manchester United player Wes is said to have loaned the cash to Ashley Ward's wife Dawn.

A source revealed that money was loaned to Ward four years ago and it hasn't been paid back. Mr and Mrs Brown are now said to be taking legal action against Mrs Ward and the disagreement has jeopardized the friendship between the two.

"Dawn asked to borrow the cash. They agreed, but with interest payable after six months," said the source.
"It seems to them she took advantage of their kindness and has no intention of giving it back."

"They spoke to solicitors and sent a legal letter spelling out their intention of taking her to court, a source told The Sun. “Leanne and Dawn used to be great friends, so it is a shame things have reached this point."

"But her failure to pay back the loan has really soured their friendship, and now they feel they have no choice if they want to see their money again."

Dawn’s rift with the couple has been deepened by the fact she advised them on three Cheshire homes they bought — two of which have failed to sell.

One pad went on the market for £4.5million in 2010 but has now been slashed to £2.45million.

The source added: "The loan is the main problem but the homes have also caused bad feeling."

“The tension between the pair during filming is palpable. Last week tempers flared on set again and a glass was smashed.

“Leanne’s open about why they fell out. It’s hard to see a way back.”

However, Dawn insists she too is owed cash. Her spokeswoman said: “They have been friends for years and completed many deals together. Everyone’s aware money is owed on both sides. We tried to arrange a meeting to clear this up but the offer was declined.”

Last year Dawn was bound over to keep the peace after attacking singer Sinitta in a London restaurant.

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The Real Housewives of Cheshire is set to return for Season 5 this spring on ITVBe!

Photo Credit: ITVBe