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Real Housewives Of Melbourne Star Gina Liano Is Becoming A Marriage Celebrant In Order To Support Same-Sex Marriage!

Gina Liano  is in the process of becoming a marriage celebrant. The Real Housewives of Melbourne star reveals she was motivated to become a licensed marriage celebrant in order to support same-sex couples and to be able to help couples celebrate their love.

“I first looked into it when I was asked to conduct Gamble’s (Breaux, a fellow Housewife) ceremony and found out the course is 12 months, or six months if you fast-track it, and then three months to get it ratified,’’ Liano told The Herald Sun.

“At the end of last year I just decided I would do it. It is surprising how much work is in it, really, because it is all law. The other motivation was in anticipation of equal marriage rights coming through. If that happens I want to be part of it and support it.’’

The publication reports that Liano is on track to finish her studies in March and hopes to have her licence granted in July.

“I have had a lot of inquiries over the years about going to people’s weddings. I have not actually been asked to conduct, or officiate,’’ she said. “I feel like I can officiate an important event like that and make it special.’’

She added: “I love seeing people in love. I love the excitement of people wanting to make that public declaration and to make that commitment.’’

Photo Credit: Bravo