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Kandi Burruss Shuts Down “Foul” Rumors That She Slept With Shamea Morton!

Kandi Burruss' sex life has been the main topic of conversation on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Some cast members have accused her of being a closeted lesbian, and even claimed that she's hooked with Shamea Morton.

Kandi set the record straight after one Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen caller asked if she really slept with Shamea after Phaedra Parks made that insinuation earlier this season. "No. No, I did not," Kandi said, definitively. "And I just thought that was really foul to try to put [Shamea's] name into this whole drama that they're trying to throw at me. I just thought it was foul."

And Phaedra didn't just hurt Kandi with her comments. "[Shamea] was highly upset," Kandi told Andy Cohen. "She cried about it."

Kandi said that all of this talk has also put a strain on Shamea's relationship with Porsha Williams. "Yes, I think at first — watching the show — Phaedra said that it was me and Shamea. And then Porsha added to it saying, 'You know, she's close to Kandi and Todd [Tucker],'" Kandi explained. "I was like, that was super foul because out of everything, even with the little experience that happened between Porsha and I — which was just a kiss, mind you — Shamea wasn't even involved in any of that. And she saw it happen, but she wasn't for it. So it's just like, why would you throw your friend under the bus and put her in something like that?"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo