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Judge Allows Jules Wainstein To Sell Her Apthorp Apartment As Nasty Divorce Continues!

Jules Wainstein spent her Valentine’s Day in divorce court, but she ended the hearing with a major win. A New York City judge ruled that the former Real Housewives of New York City star could sell her Apthorp apartment with her estranged husband Michael after he failed to pay child support and rent for his former wife and their kids, according to Radar Online.

As previously reported, Jules and Michael were sued for neglecting to pay nearly $72,000 in rent for ten months of 2016. The former Bravo star was slapped with an eviction notice last month for the third and fourth floors of the apartment, where she resides with children Jagger, 7, and Rio, 5.

“There is a problem. We’re in the middle of eviction proceedings. Our client was forced to get a lawyer to avoid being thrown on the street with her children,” Jules’ lawyer argued in the hearing. “Only the two floors our client and the children are on are facing eviction, not the one Mr. Wainstein resides on.”

“Apthorp needs to be sold. It’s the only asset he will admit is a marital asset. It’s the only asset where there is money for this family to pay debts and find resolution to this case. All we get is, ‘I have no money,’ yet he’s paying his own expenses but not your honor’s orders. He paid a certain amount to avoid content. Children’s school is saying they can’t enroll this year.”

The judge sided with Jules, shutting down Michael’s counsel.

“Their lien is only growing every month,” he said. “Ms. Wainstein is more affected than your client because it’s her name on the apartment. She should be allowed to sell it.”

The couple will return to court on March 28.

Photo Credit: Bravo