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James Kennedy Weighs In On Scheana And Mike Shay's Divorce; Says He Always Knew Their Marriage Was “Not Going To Last”

James Kennedy is sharing his thoughts on Scheana and Mike Shay's divorce. James, who has long been friends with the former couple says he's sad to hear about their separation, however the Vanderpump Rules star explains why the news hardly surprised him.

"I was the first to say it — I mean honestly it really sounds horrible — but I was the first to say that that marriage is not going to last more than a year. It's sad really. I was at the wedding and I love Shay, and Scheana and I have gone through our ups and downs and still do, but do I feel sorry? Yeah, of course. Marriage is a sacred bond and they ended it so quickly," the Vanderpump Rules DJ told The Daily Dish. "But I did say it wasn't gonna happen 'cause Scheana's just a bossy bitch and Shay is just Shay."

James admits it's been a while since he's clocked a conversation with Shay. "I don't really talk to him that much," he said. "Tom [Sandoval] kind of made the effort last year to be more of his friend but, you know, whatever."

However, he remains close to Scheana. "Scheana and I are cool. We go Wednesdays to karaoke with the group together still," he said. "She's dope. She brings Brittany [Cartwright] around. Brittany seems like a nice girl. She's only nice to me when Jax [Taylor] isn't around because obviously if she's nice to me in front of Jax then Jax will get drunk and start losing his mind. Lala [Kent] and Scheana kind of still have their little tiffs, but Lala's always having her little tiffs with the girls."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images