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James Kennedy Gives An Update On His Friendship With Lala Kent: “Lala And I Still Remain Very Close Friends”

Lala Kent walked away from Vanderpump Rules earlier this season, and despite claiming that she doesn't keep in touch with most of her former co-stars, the one-time hostess still remains close to the restaurant's former DJ and her musical collaborator, James Kennedy.

"Lala and I still remain very close friends. She's very outspoken. The girls obviously have their own insecurities about Lala. She was just the bold one that didn't really care what these particular girls thought," James recently told The Daily Dish. "She wouldn't do that to all girls 'cause she is a girls' girl at the end of the day. She's got her girlfriends and she is dope like that. But then she also knows how to f*** with people if they're very easy to f*** with."

Prior to leaving SUR, Lala was the subject of much gossip around the restaurant, with several of the SURvers speculating that her beau is married. Even her pal fell victim to the gossip spreading. Still, James for the most part says he's tried to stay out of the rumors as best as possible. "I don't really know. It's not really my business," he said. "Obviously all the things and the way these other people were saying it through the show is very harsh. And I feel like every one of the castmembers have definitely done horrible things, so I don't think Lala's doing very horrible things. I do trust whatever she tells me, and apart from what everyone else says I'm always there for her and she can talk to me."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo