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Eden Sassoon: “The Fact That I Had To “Remind” Lisa Of What She Said Is Crazy”

Eden Sassoon is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Eden tackles her situation with the Richards sisters and the miscommunication with Lisa Rinna.

Eden writes:

"You guys have seen it over and over again for weeks now: I do not make sh-- up! I am always willing to own my actions and my #truth. Last week, I owned up to the fact that I am powerless over Kim and Kyle and that situation. This week I don’t deny that I went to Vanderpump, and I explain to Rinna  why I did. Now, it’s time for Rinna to own her truth.

I feel like after this episode we are one step closer to everyone knowing what actually happened that day Rinna and I went shopping. But the fact that I had to “remind” Lisa of what she said is crazy. #UnderTheBus

It wasn’t the easiest conversation to have with Rinna, because like she said, we did go deep with each other very quickly, and we very much enjoy each other’s company. But when I have a “friend” who is telling the other women that I am the one saying these nasty things, it’s just not okay. I am ready to sit down as a group and talk face to face about what happened. #ReckoningDay

I truly hope that Kyle finally understands me after having that group discussion, because she still has SO many doubts about me. Saying that I am obsessed with her and Kim and that I am actually the one crying out for help… that’s just not true. I have worked very hard to not be the one crying out for help! I am 4.21 years, 50.57 months, 1,540 days, 36,950 hours #SOBER and none of these comments about me can take that away! #Strong

Charity is a huge passion of mine, so no matter how much drama I am having with someone, I will always support these women at their charity events. #ProjectAngelFood

The day in the Project Angel Food Kitchen was super fun! I’m always kicked out of my own kitchen, because like Erika, I SUCK at cooking, so it was nice they let me stay in theirs LOL. #Smoothies

And Kyle’s face when she finds out she has to scoop fish is priceless! Still laughing over that #StinkFace… I’ll stick to my granola.

Always great to see Dorit with her babies. Jagger and Phoenix are adorable! And seriously, I want that shirt. Where do I get it? I was definitely confused when she seemed to imply that Rinna had a pill problem. I didn’t quite understand what she was trying to do there… #KeepingMyMouthShut

Okay guys, does nobody else have Bumble or Tinder? It’s a great way to meet people! I was so happy to have Dru by my side at the charity dinner! She has been my best friend for years and knows my intentions! I am having fun! London guy, my kindred spirit, is hot and we have amazing conversation, and who knows? One day, maybe, we are meant to be… but for now, just let me have some fun! #HesGunnaGetF---ed

But it did show that KYLE CARES! A little… There is a little spot in her heart saying,"I might like Eden." Hopefully we have time to make that little spot bigger!

Note To Self: Just wait until they get to know the real me… #WILD"

What do you think about Eden’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo