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Dorit Kemsley Says “It Wasn't Nice To Hear” That Lisa Rinna Was Gossiping About Kim Richards’ Sobriety!

Dorit Kemsley is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Dorit Kemsley opens up about the group's dinner in Mexico and shares her thoughts on Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards drama.

Dorit writes:

"Hi everyone, 

It was lovely to be back in Beverly Hills this week, but not for too long!

PK and I work and travel a lot and when we get an afternoon with the family, we love spending it with the kids. We haven’t had a lunch like that in a little while so it was nice to go out and have some fun. After six months of speech therapy, Jagger was starting to use his words and have better engagement with us. We always try to be optimistic and hopeful for what’s to come with his progress. It’s especially adorable when he keeps pointing "I LOVE YOU" to his little sister- he’s already an amazing big brother and I couldn't be more proud of him. Our time together as a family means everything to both PK and I. 

When Kyle invited us out to Mexico to celebrate the new office opening for Mauricio’s agency, we were thrilled to go on a trip with them and enjoy the Mexico sun. I haven’t gone out of the country with the ladies before so I knew this would be an interesting journey but I was SO happy that PK was with me. And of course, I was excited to spend time with Kyle, Mauricio, Ken, Lisa, Erika, Lisa R. and Eileen. I knew that Erika was coming by herself and I was looking forward to spending some quality time and talk with her- we did just that and we had a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, had some really nice conversations and overall good vibes those first two days.

Jet skiing was especially fun. Leave it to Kyle always being the cautious, adorable mother that she is with me on the back. Lisa V. was smart to not get in the water. She looked fabulous as well so why ruin a moment like that. ;) It was quite a scary moment at first when Erika fell off the jet ski but she swam right to it. She’s done a lot of incredible stuff like fishing and handling waves on her own so I don't think she was the slightest bit nervous when she fell off the jet ski. Kudos, Erika!

Fast forward to the dinner. At first, I was in shock at what I was hearing. Here we are, all of us having fun together and then we hear what Lisa R. said about Kim. It wasn't nice to hear. I wanted to be fair and give her the benefit of the doubt, but deep down I felt it was more likely that she did say it. I did have a lovely time with her and Eden at Eden's house for smoothie night. In fact, my mention of when Rinna pulled out her bag of pills during smoothie night was to highlight what fun we had together and the barrel of laughs we shared together. "We bonded over xanax and smoothies" - we had fun. My main concern was Kyle though. None of us wanted this trip to be ruined for her and Mauricio so it was a priority for me to make sure she still enjoyed herself. Well, until next week my darlings..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo