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Brandi Glanville Responds To Lisa Rinna's WWHL Middle Finger Diss!

When Lisa Rinna appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Tuesday night, she was given the opportunity to share her thoughts on Brand Glanville's recent comments about her. If viewers can recall, Glanville's recent appearance on the Bravo late night talk show had a lot to say about Rinna's behavior on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Brandi said that Lisa was "full of s***" in her apology to Lisa Vanderpump and said that there's "absolutely nothing" sincere about her when asked if she was being genuine in her apology to Kim Richards. Brandi was also confused as to why Lisa has continued to question Kim's sobriety and accuse her sister, Kyle Richards, of being an enabler. "I just don't understand why Lisa Rinna, who clearly does not like Kim, is so concerned with her sobriety on whether she lives or dies," she previously said on WWHL. "I don't get it. Like, really?"

The actress let her actions do the talking, blowing her drink through her straw toward the camera and shadily sipping her drink when asked for her response. But Lisa didn't give any mixed signals when she held up her middle finger with a laugh, which prompted some rapturous applause from the Bravo Clubhouse audience. "It's a pretty good response," Andy said.

Following that incident, Brandi gave a statement to The Dirty about Rinna's recent middle finger diss.

“She can take her middle finger and stick up her husbands bung hole with all the other s**t she claims to stick up his ass,” said Glanville. “But didn’t she say that when she made that comment she wasn’t being authentic?” Glanville added. “Lie much?”

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo