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Athena X Levendi Says She “Prayed” For Victoria Rees After “Violating” #CapeGate Incident On RHOS!

Athena X Levendi is reacting to the heated confrontation she had with Victoria Rees during the series premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Sydney. The spiritual goddess says she “prayed” for Rees after the shocking #CapeGate incident.

Levendi, who runs a Levendi jewelers in Sydney with her husband revealed that she found the incident “violating and disrespectful.”

Levendi explains why she chose to remain calm after the shocking incident.

“I actually prayed for her,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I was hoping she would see that I’m actually not a threat to her. I did feel that’s what she was feeling.”

“I actually think that Victoria might come across as very savvy and sassy but I think she’s a very insecure and very frustrated woman,” she added. “That speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.”

Lisa Oldfield, who has become besties with Levendi, said she was “in shock” over the incident. “I went home and poured myself a scotch.” she said.

The pair said they have nicknamed Rees, ‘Victoriaa Bitter’.

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Photo Credit: Foxtel