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Athena X Levendi Opens Up About Her Close Friendship With RHOS Co-Star Lisa Oldfield And Dishes On Her Feud With Victoria Rees!

Spiritual Goddess Athena X Levendi is opening up about her close relationship with controversial Real Housewives of Sydney co-star Lisa Oldfield. Levendi also shares details about her fiery feud with co-star Victoria Rees.

"Lisa and I have a special bond from another lifetime," Athena told Yahoo7 Be. "We have particularly grown very fond of one another. I love her dearly and she tells me every day that she loves me."

And it wasn't just politician's wife Athenax felt a connection from another time with, adding that her "past relationship" with co-star Nicole O'Neil also gets explored during the season.

"I also have a past relationship with Nicole and funny enough from the moment I meet Nicole I have a gut feeling that something has happening before," Athena adds.

"It could have been the words that were said behind my back or it can be tapping into a past life trauma that I have had with Nicole and we find this out during the show and it’s really interesting."

Athena promises there will be plenty of drama on the Foxtel reality series, especially with Bondi resident Victoria Rees. Athena reveals that despite her best efforts she struggled to form a connection with Victoria, who had a knack for knowing how to get a reaction of out the mother-of-three.

"I just think that she of a certain age and she is set in her ways and she just doesn’t want to put water in her wine as the Greek expression we use goes…" She said.

She added: "And I don’t think Victoria wanted to do that and fair enough, I guess that brought on a lot of drama because I was highly reactive. She knew how to press my buttons and so did some of the disciples… Some of the girls would basically team up with Victoria."

The Real Housewives of Sydney airs Sunday nights at 8:30pm on Arena in Australia and on Tuesday nights at 8:30pm on Bravo NZ in New Zealand. For International TV Listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Foxtel