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9 Fun Facts About RHOP's Newest Star Monique Samuels!

The Real Housewives of Potomac is returning with a new season and the ladies will be joined by newest housewife, Monique Samuels! Monique is originally from New Jersey, is the wife of NFL superstar Chris Samuels, a mother and a businesswoman. Check out nine fun facts about the newest RHOP star below!

1. She's Married to Washington Redskins player Chris Samuels.
Monique's hubby is six-time pro left tackle Chris Samuels. He played for the Washington Redskins for 10 years and was third pick overall in the 2000 NFL draft. As a professional athlete's wife, Monique is sure to have a lot in common with Robyn Dixon and Charrisse Jackson Jordan. Fun fact: when Monique met Chris she was an Eagles fan, but she has since converted to a Redskin diehard.

2. They Met in D.C. ... But Didn't Date Right Away.
Apparently, a mutual friend introduced the pair when Monique first moved to the nation's capital - but she and Chris were both dating other people. They were friends for a long time before they started dating, and the rest is now Housewives history.

3.  She Grew Up in New Jersey.
She grew up in the small town of Pleasantville with a loving family. In fact, she makes it a priority to speak with her mother and her father every day. She says of growing up, "We all just spoke our minds," and we can't wait to hear Monique speak hers this season.

4.  Monique Is a Tom Boy.
Growing up, Monique's father taught her about tools and cars. He wanted to share things with his son, but as the older one, Monique got to be the man of the house. Her father wouldn't let her drive a car until she knew how to change the tire and check under the hood.

5.  She's About to Complete Her Business Degree (and Runs Several Businesses).
Monique Samuels is a boss. Not only does she manage Chris Samuels' businesses, which include CRS Real Estate, Chris Samuels Enterprises, and the Chris Samuels Foundation, she is also completing her business degree from the University of Alabama. And she runs her blog, Not For Lazy Moms, which focuses on natural remedies for adults and kids. The woman is busy, people!

6.  She and Chris Own Four Houses.
You heard that right — four houses! The couple has a family home, a beach house, a country home, and a fourth home that they rent to Redskins players. Do you hear this? They have so many homes, they rent them out to NFL players.

7.  This 'Wife Goes to the Spa Weekly.
After running businesses, going to school, and raising two kids, all she wants is some quiet time. So the spa isn't just a treat — it's a necessity. She goes weekly for massages, facials, and waxing.

8.  She Has Two Children: Christopher and Milani.
Monique and Chris have some pretty cute kids. Christopher (aka Chris Jr.) is four years old, while little Milani is still a toddler.

9.  She's a Pretty Great Friend.
If any of her friends ask Monique for a loan, she and Chris give them the money as a "donation" hoping that they'll only ask once.

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 premieres on Sunday, April 2 at 9/8c on Bravo. For International #RealHousewives TV Listings, click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo