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Virgin America Claims Jim Marchese Threatened His Wife Amber's Life On Plane In Countersuit Against Former RHONJ Stars!

Last month it was revealed that Jim and Amber Marchese's lawsuit to Virgin America was postpone, however the airlines is firing back at the former Real Housewives of New Jersey stars, claiming that they lied about a fight in which James allegedly choked Amber and even threatened to kill her.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, a flight attendant listed in their suit, Moriah Rosser, finally filed her answer to reality couple's complaint on January 4 after a battle to extend the deadline.

In her counterclaim, she claimed that she was only “acting within the scope of her employment” in regards to her interactions with the Marcheses, and “denies that Plaintiffs’ damages exceeded $75,000.” She also claimed that since the Marcheses are public figures, they will be able to quickly make the amount of money they lost as a result of their actions on their flight.

She denied all of their claims — only attesting to the fact that they were aboard Flight 170 where she was working, and Amber ordered a glass of wine from her. She also “admitted that the police were notified of a domestic disturbance involving Plaintiffs” aboard the flight.


Rosser demanded that the suit be thrown out, as she did nothing wrong. She also claimed that their “acceptance of refunds for their ticket fare on Flight 170 effected a waiver of their claims for breach of contract or estops them from seeking additional damages.” She also claimed that Jim and Amber “are public figures and the alleged defamatory statements [she made] involve a public concern, for which Plaintiffs have not pled, nor can they prove, that the alleged defamatory statements were made with actual malice.”

Instead, she insisted that the Marcheses acted in actual malice in speaking out about the incident and giving her name. She also claimed that they were wrong in denying an incident occurred, as she “overheard Mr. Marchese state as follows to Mrs. Marchese: ‘If you want to be on equal f**ing playing fields, then carry the f**ing bags.'” She then claimed that another passenger approached her to complain that Jim “appeared to be intoxicated” and that his behavior was bothering her.

Rosser reported witnessing “Mr. Marchese pull Mrs. Marchese’s face closer to him and state: ‘B**h, if you do that again, I will f**ng kill you.'”

At that point, she asked if the couple was okay — but “determined that [their] behavior threatened the safety and security of the passengers and the flight crew” and reported the incident to the police.

She insisted that she did not know they were famous at the time, and that Jim and Amber are only talking about the case for “their own self-promotion and to attract publicity.”

Rosser is requesting for her attorneys’ fees to be paid as well as any damages the court sees fit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images