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Porsha Williams: “Shamea Has Not Mentioned Or Told Me That There Is Anything Going On With Kandi Other Than A Close Friendship”

Porsha Williams it taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha Williams weighs in on being caught in the middle of Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss' drama. Check it out! Did you all have fun at Cynthia's breast exam gathering? 
Porsha Williams: I had so much fun, and I honestly did not know you could take your crew with you for an exam! It was very nice to be included, and we all had a great time. When I book a breast exam, I will definitely be taking my crew with me too! What did you think of the yoni session? 

PW: At first it was the weirdest feeling, but I promise after a while if you keep the focus on mind, body, and soul your whole energy will change. We all need to keep our energy I feel it is very important to remember that everything around us is made up of energy, and in order for us to attract positive energy, we need to give off positive energy! Were you surprised to hear what Kandi was saying about Phaedra?

PW: Speaking of energy… I definitely was! That is why I took it the way I did and tried my best to help resolve the situation. My goal was to give Kandi another point of view and shed some light on the situation. It's certainly possible that Kandi spread the rumors with encouragement from others. Sometimes being egged on can lead to even more mess! There is no denying that we all make mistakes, but my goal was that Kandi realized it is not a good look for her. I did not want any kind of smear campaign against Phaedra to continue. It needed to end and be shut down. There is no doubt that it is hard for all of us to keep friendships as strong as we would like them to be -- especially when our words are continuously over analyzed, which almost always leads to our words being misinterpreted. Good intentions can be easily be mistaken in these kind of situations. I can only speak for my intentions, and my intention with Kandi was to fight through all the noise and anger that Kandi felt and let it go once and for all. It is past time for each and every one of us to move on. What went through your mind when Phaedra made those accusations about Kandi and Shamea hooking up? 

PW: Well Pheadra was very upset after hearing what Shamea had to say, and I was in a very uncomfortable position sitting there between two very good friends arguing. It was so hard for me, because one of my friends is defending herself against accusations, and one of them feels that those accusations are accurate. For the record, Shamea has not mentioned or told me that there is anything going on with Kandi other than a close friendship. The reason I mentioned that they were even close is because Shamea is indeed close with them. That was meant in no other context other than friendship. Point is...I really wanted to remain neutral and that is such a hard thing to do when both people who I respect and admire feel passionate in their point of view. I don't ever want to see someone who I call a friend hurt in any way, and I pride myself on defending someone who I call my friend, but this situation overall was a very tough one for me. My hope is that we can all move on from it. I do not want to watch anyone feeling attacked or throwing any shade. With this group of ladies, if you throw shade out into their world, it will always come back to you. So I leave you with this final thought...remember when anyone throws negativity out in the universe, it always comes back! 2017 is the year that I will keep reminding myself to work hard, continue to love life, and count my blessings on a daily basis. I am blessed even in stressful situations. My motto -- life is too short and I want to focus on only good thoughts and surround myself with those who I choose to spend time with.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo