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Phaedra Parks Slapped With A Lien Against Her Georgia Mansion By Ex-Husband Apollo Nida; He Doesn’t Want Her To Sell The Property Until His Divorce Claims Are Resolved!

Apollo Nida is coming for his ex-wife Phaedra Parks! The Daily Mail reports that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star was recently warned by her incarcerated ex-husband Apollo Nida not to sell her Atlanta mansion the couple once shared until the outcome of his divorce claim against her.

Apollo slapped his ex-wife with a lien against the 4,229 square foot, $1.3 million home, purchased solely by Phaedra for $845,000 in 2013, as well as the assets acquired during their marriage.

According to court documents, Phaedra filed for divorce last March. Apollo, who is currently serving an eight year prison sentence for financial fraud, failed to sign the papers.

According to the publication, a judge granted Phaedra the divorce in November, as well as an agreement that she will have primary custody of their two children: Ayden, six, and Dylan, three.

The judge also ordered that Phaedra pay $100,000 towards Apollo’s criminal restitution fine and that Apollo be awarded visitation time with his children once he is released from prison.

Both parties had already divided their own personal property, including their checking and saving accounts.

But Apollo filed divorce papers of his own in Georgia Court in December, claiming he never saw the original documents and wasn't notified of the final divorce hearing.

He is accusing his former wife of taking advantage of the fact that he was behind bars and demanding her divorce judgement be tossed out of court and found void.

He requested joint legal custody of their two kids and an equitable property split of the Georgia mansion, titled in Phaedra's name, reports The Daily Mail.

Phaedra first filed for divorce in October 2013, but the process was delayed because of Apollo's criminal trial.

Photo Credit: Bravo