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Mike Shay’s Band Mate Nicole Arbour Slams Scheana Shay; Claims Divorce Drama Was All A Stunt To Secure Her Role On Vanderpump Rules!

According to Mike Shay's band mate Nicole Arbour, Scheana Shay’s divorce was a stunt to secure her spot on Vanderpump Rules. Arbour revealed that the show’s producers encouraged Scheana to start fights with her husband — essentially ending their marriage for her career!

“Scheana and Shay were told if they didn’t cause more drama that she would be fired because she wasn’t interesting enough,” she told Radar Online. “They needed more drama from her. And that’s what started causing so many problems in their marriage.”

“Mike wasn’t into it and Scheana was like ‘well, this is my job and you have to support me and cause more drama with me,’” she explained, noting that their relationship has since turned volatile.

“She’s really mean to him and it’s just like, they don’t even communicate,” Arbour said. “They can’t speak. She’s yelling at him and telling him he’s doing things wrong or they’re not making noise.”

“He always spoke so highly of her, like, ‘I love my wife. My wife is amazing. I love her so much,’” she added. “But none of us ever saw that. We never saw them being in love, but I didn’t know them that long.”

She also slammed Scheana for being “full of s**t” for saying that he went missing again on Watch What Happens Live — especially since she’s been with Shay on those occasions!

“One time he accidentally locked himself out of the studio and he wasn’t actually missing,” she said of Scheana’s latest accusation. “He locked himself out and had to walk home. He was missing for a couple of hours because he didn’t call her back.”

“It’s sad that this is what these people have to do,” she said of the Vanderpump Rules cast as a whole. “They have to make up lies and try to run with them so they have a career next year because they’re desperate for storylines.”

Photo Credit: Bravo