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Lisa Vanderpump: “The Tension Between Erika And Dorit Is Palpable”

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump thinks it was a simple miscommunication between Lisa Rinna and Dorit and PK.

LVP writes:

"Happy New Year to you all, I hope you enjoyed the festivities...

At Dorit and PK's house, the dinner party held for London friends was a relaxed friendly affair where the wine obviously flowed copiously. It was a dinner party, I imagine, that as often happens stretched over many hours, so one might be forgiven if an accurate memory of what had transpired in conversation might be a little hazy so to speak...When we flash back, it compounds the fact that Dorit was inaccurate of her recollection. The subject of Eileen's name and mother, of course, was raised, however there were wires that were crossed. LR was trying to convey that the sad passing of their parents had little to do with the convoluted scenario that had played out between us all last year at the reunion. Eileen's mother had unfortunately died a few days prior to the reunion, unbeknownst to us. I see PK and Dorit interpreting the conversation differently. They construed that Eileen's mother passed previously, prior to the whole situation many months before and maybe that had changed her demeanor through last summer, and if we were friends, she should have conveyed that to me. I see their point, them believing that for Eileen to be immersed in her grief might have been responsible for the negative interactions between us...

Not so...Their parents passed after the disastrous trip to Dubai and that is why LR was speaking of the reunion.

Kyle and I go to see her doctor who does skin rejuvenation. We most definitely had a giggle, and yes, I see the comment of her saying that I shouldn't pretend that I have never done anything to my face. I am totally transparent: laser treatments minimally, as I can't afford the downtime, and a little filler with Botox are my best friends...

And also, best friends don't feel the need to point that out.

When I view the lunch that Camille held, I wish in one regard that I had been present as the premise of the conversation seems to dwell on the previous misunderstanding...

The tension between Erika and Dorit is palpable. Still the residue of knickergate tarnishes their interaction.

Dorit kindly remarks to Erika that she is still a young woman, but the interaction between them seems as cool as the chilled wine they were drinking. She then tries to soften the conversation with the remark of being in her 40s, but once again is shot down.

This week we are introduced to the lovely Eden Sassoon, who, as I have been privileged to know her father, would welcome meeting next week. He was an iconic man that frequented our restaurant and was kind enough to invite Ken and I to his home for lunches and intriguing conversation as he regaled amazing stories of his life.

So Eden will be included in the complicated machinations of this group. I hope she is prepared lol.

It is all so precarious, and I wasn't there to witness many of these interactions, so the hot seat has been graciously relinquished this season to my friend Dorit. Dorit is a kind, lovely young woman but a formidable opponent, make no doubt.

I feel secure in the fact that as weeks pass you will have a better understanding of who she is rather than the polarizing portrayal so far...

I have no ill will for any of these ladies as we move into our next year. I interpreted that from both LR and ED that the fragility of the years we are granted on this planet are glaring when we lose a loved one, so sit tight stay with us, enjoy the ride, and I will see you next week."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo