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Kenya Moore Explains Why She Feels ‘Justified’ In Her Decision ‘To Leave’ Matt Jordan!

Kenya Moore it taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya Moore shares her thoughts on the incident with ex Matt Jordan and what their status is today. Check it out! Were you surprised Peter asked you to host his opening?
Kenya Moore: I host openings and parties all the time, and although Peter and Cynthia are divorcing, I still consider Peter a friend. It's apparent their divorce is amicable, but I still wanted to check with Cynthia first to make sure that it was OK with her. What did you think when you got Matt's texts?
KM: The texts were troubling, and although we weren't together, we were still cordial, which is why I initially didn't mind that Peter invited him. What went through your mind when Matt slapped the driver?
KM: I was shocked, because it happened so fast. I have never seen him strike anyone. I knew he was angry because he drove hours to get there when his ticket was cancelled. After reading his texts, I didn't know his state of mind, so I didn't want any altercation.

When Matt approached the car, I didn't think it would end well. He looked inside the car and then the driver rolled the window up on him while his head was still inside. It happened so fast. I was relieved that he walked away and it didn't escalate.

It's hard to watch these scenes and was even harder for me to live through them as this was a man I was in love with. Even though I have not spoken to Matt in a while, he came to my house when he heard I was possibly hurt by trespassers last week. I wasn't home, but his mother reached out to me for him to make sure I was not hurt.

Even though I would never make any excuses for violent or verbally abusive behavior, this show of genuine care has made me see he is not a monster. But be clear, no woman should accept any person who makes them feel threatened or nervous in any way. I feel justified in my decision to leave the relationship. With that said, I know that he has been getting help. I pray that he continues his path of healing.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo