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Jules Wainstein's Estranged Husband Michael Wainstein Moves In With Girlfriend Amid Nasty Divorce And Eviction Drama!

Just days after former Real Housewives of New York City star Jules Wainstein faced an eviction hearing for unpaid rent on their family home, an insider source claims that her estranged husband Michael Wainstein has moved in with his girlfriend amid eviction case and divorce drama!

A source told Radar Online that Michael moved out to be with Elyse Bensusan, the woman who was at the center of his split from Jules. As previously reported, allegations that the two had had an affair swirled as Michael split from Jules and Elyse split from her husband, Tsion Bensusan.

Michael was in New York Civil Court Monday facing a judge after being sued for the rent on the family home, which is allegedly in arrears for the period from January 2016 until October 2016. The judge adjourned the hearing until February 27, as Michael claims it is all a misunderstanding, and that he didn’t get the eviction notice in time to answer.

Meanwhile, Michael has moved out of the family home, while Jules and his children are still on the premises and dealing with eviction notices.

Photo Credit: Google Images