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Joanna Krupa Wins $360K In Lawsuit Against New York Strip Club!

According to court records obtained by Radar Online, former Real Housewives of Miami star Joanna Krupa has scored $360,000 in a lawsuit against a New York based strip club. The club’s owners will also pay her $15,962.50 attorneys’ fees and court costs of $6,390. The club is permanently banned from using her image as well.

Krupa filed suit against Café Royale in 2015 for misappropriating her image in 2013. Models Irina Voronina and Tiffany Selby were also plaintiffs in the case. The women collectively claimed that they only get hired based on their reputations — and the grungy strip club ruined theirs.


“Krupa is a world renowned model, actress and television personality,” the suit claimed. “That we know of, Krupa is depicted in the photos…to promote Café Royale. This image depicts Krupa topless, and in nothing more than a thong and boots, above the copy: ‘THANK GOD I AM FABULOUS!'”

“Beside the photo, the copy reads: ‘Come to Café Royale and see why I am so Fabulous! TGIF!!'” the suit continued. “This sexually suggestive image was intentionally altered to make it appear that Krupa was either a stripper working at the club, or that she endorsed the club.”

As a result, the former Dancing With the Stars contestant requested the club cough up money for false endorsement, defamation, negligence, conversion, unjust enrichment and quantum meruit.

The suit also alleged that the club violated of the New York Civil Rights Law and the New York Genral Business Law/New York Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Photo Credit: Bravo