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Is Luann de Lesseps ‘Pissed’ At Jill Zarin For ‘Destroying’ Her Wedding?!

This weekend, Luann de Lesseps tied the knot with Tom D'Agostino in a secret New Year's Eve wedding. As previously reported, the Real Housewives of New York City bride allegedly banned Bravo from filming the ceremony due to selling the exclusive to People Magazine to report the event.

However, according to an insider, Jill Zarin has sabotaged the former Countess by exposing tons of wedding footage via her Instagram page.

Now, according to the source, People is no longer willing to pay de Lesseps since a majority of the event has has already been leaked on Zarin's page!

"Luann is pissed," the source told Radar Online. "Jill cannot help herself. She constantly needs to make everything about her !"

Radar readers know this wasn't the only crisis the bride faced before her big day. Who the Countess invited to her wedding stirred even more drama.

As previously reported, de Lesseps allegedly lied to the Bravo network by saying she wanted her wedding to be kept private, only later to cut a $20,000 deal with People magazine for exclusive rights to report the event.

Howver, Luann de Lesseps' publicist Pete Sanders is shutting down the rumors, denies any feud with Bravo or Jill Zarin.

“Bravo was not angry with Luann regarding the wedding,” Sanders told Real Mr. Housewife. “Luann never wanted the wedding to be filmed. She wanted it to be for family and friends and a private affair. Luann always wanted it to be a private event.”

“Also,” Sanders revealed, “even if Bravo had filmed, it wouldn’t have been an issue in regards to the People exclusive, as the show would air after the exclusive was published.”

In regards to the rumors about Zarin, Sanders explained that, “Pictures went out not only from Jill, but from everyone. Cynthia Bailey posted. Marysol Patton posted. People’s exclusive had nothing to do with Instagram pictures.”

“The only thing Luann did not allow were cell phones in the actual ceremony,” he told the blog site. “This had nothing to do with People. People ran the first official picture after the wedding. They ran that right after the wedding because the knew Instagram postings would go out right after the wedding. The issue was getting an official photo out the night of the wedding and the videos and photos that will appear in the magazine this week.”

Sanders also noted that “Jill looked fabulous at the wedding as did everyone. She also had a wonderful time as did the rest of the guests.”

Photo Credit: Bravo