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Cynthia Bailey Dishes On Luann de Lesseps And Thomas D'Agostino Jr.'s Wedding!

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey recently opened up about attending the nuptials of Luann de Lesseps And Thomas D'Agostino Jr. while going through her own divorce. "The great thing about Luann's wedding was it was a wedding, it was her husband Tom [D'Agostino]'s birthday, and it was New Year's," she told The Daily Dish. "So it was a lot of champagne going on. It was a lot to celebrate in one night. I think I probably celebrated more things at Luann's wedding than I did all of 2016."

Cynthia picked up a slinky and sparkly champagne-colored gown the day before at the Boca Raton, Florida boutique Inance that was perfect for all three occasions. "I love neutrals and nudes in terms of evening wear. I think it always looks so beautiful and sexy," she said. "I thought it was great because I would have hated to have to bring three outfits: a wedding outfit, a birthday outfit, and a New Year's outfit, so this was great."

And yes, Luann's wedding was just as gorgeous as it looked. "You know what I loved about it? It was just so simple and chic," Cynthia said about the event. "I think Luann has amazing style and taste, and it was just really well done."

Cynthia said she first met Tom about six months ago when she met him and Luann for dinner in Atlanta. "I liked him. I liked him right away. I loved him for Luann. I liked his personality. He's smart, he's funny, he's cute. I thought they had great energy together and great chemistry," Cynthia said. "I think at the end of the day, that's really important in a relationship. You've got to have that chemistry first and then be able to feed off each other's energy is what keeps a relationship exciting and fun."

Luann's wedding was a Housewives-studded affair where Cynthia also caught up with her good friend Jill Zarin, who Cynthia stayed with at her home in Boca Raton. "I met Marysol [Patton] quite a few times, but this was the first time we hung out, and I loved, loved, loved her. I will definitely be hanging out with her again. She is so much fun," Cynthia said. "And also, it was my first time hanging out with Kelly Bensimon, who I absolutely can't wait to get to New York to hang out with. She's a lot of fun."

After Dorinda Medley for the first time, Cynthia said she instantly loved her sweet spirit. "Oh my God. Dorinda is amazing. Just such a beautiful, sweet spirit," she gushed. I'm definitely gonna hang out with Dorinda when I'm in New York as well."

But there was no drama among these Housewives as they dished about each other's business ventures and also rallied behind Cynthia as she continues the process of finalizing her divorce from Peter Thomas. "Mostly, the ladies were just really excited to see me and see me in a good space and wishing me well with going through the divorce process," Cynthia shared. "Some of them have been divorced as well, so a lot of checking in on me to make sure I'm OK and then just excited to see that I was moving forward with my life."

Cynthia said she was glad to have that support while witnessing all of the love around her. "Something that was a little sad for me was right at 12 when we were all saying, '[Happy] New Year,' and doing toasts, everybody that was married and were couples all kissed each other and hugged each other, and I didn't have anyone to do that with," she said. "I went to the wedding alone. I didn't bring a plus one to the wedding. So that was just kind of like, 'Wow, I hope by next year, even if I'm not married, I hope I have someone I can at least kiss for New Year's.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo