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Bethenny Frankel Suing Lawyers For Millions Over Messy Divorce!

Bethenny Frankel is suing the attorneys who once represented her and ex-husband Jason Hoppy for at least $2 million. TMZ reports that The Real Housewives of New York City star claims that her former legal team significantly botched a property-related agreement over a Manhattan-area condo she purchased for $5 million back in 2011.

The outlet reports that Jason Hoppy, her hubby at the time, suggested she put the property in a trust. She claims she wanted it held in her name alone, but went along with the trust idea and they had their lawyers draft the document.

Bethenny claims, after divorce papers were filed, she discovered the trust gave Jason a 50% interest in the condo, that's half-interest in the property and legal rights to reside there without paying.

The mistake led to significantly more resources, in both time and money, devoted to hashing out the issue when the couple's divorce was in the legal system, she said. The two were together from 2010 until separating in 2012, with their divorce being finalized last year.

Hoppy lived in the property for years while Frankel footed the bill during their drawn-out divorce.

In November, Frankel filed the suit against one-time lawyer Jamie Andrew Schreck, who she said demonstrated malpractice, fraud, notary misconduct and breach of fiduciary duties in overseeing a trust that was notarized by Hoppy's mother Carol, who was ineligible to work as a notary in the state of New York at the time, reports The Daily Mail.

She has now filed a formal complaint on the summons.

Photo Credit: Bravo