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Alexa Curtin's Grandmother Files For ‘Elder Abuse’ Restraining Order Against Her After RHOC Granddaughter Allegedly Threatened Her And Broke Into Her Home!

Alexa Curtin, daughter of former Real Housewives of Orange County star Lynne Curtin has found herself in more legal trouble! Alexa's grandmother, who is the mother of Lynne recently filed an 'elder abuse' restraining order against her granddaughter after the 23-year-old allegedly threatened her and broke into her home.

According to The Daily Mail, Marilou Colee filed an 'elder abuse' restraining order against the 23-year-old, claiming that her granddaughter has spiraled out of control and broke into her California home in Mission Viejo. The particular type of legal order she is seeking is for persons 65 years or older who have been physically, emotionally or financially abused.

Marilou chalks up the string of break-ins and erratic behavior to Alexa's traumatic sexual assault two years ago. As previously reported, Alexa filed a federal lawsuit against the Orange County Sheriff’s Department last year, accusing a deputy of raping her when she was 21 during a traffic stop.

‘Plaintiff was violated, traumatized, emotionally drained, in shock, and fearing for her own safety. Specifically, Plaintiff feared that given the Deputy’s position, he would find her and harm her again,' the suit stated.

The incident, Alexa's grandmother Marilou said, jolted her life off track and made her turn to illicit substances. Two months after filing the lawsuit, Alexa was charged with drug possession.

"She has been raped by an Orange County sheriff, and this poor girl, she can't get it out of her mind. She'd upset with all of this. It's an awful thing to happen to a woman," Marilou told The Daily Mail. "I love her so much, but she broke into my house."

"I can see who's at the door from the inside, and when I open it she just kind of comes in. She's stayed with me for a couple weeks before. After that she's threatened us, broken windows. She really frightened me."

She continued: "When we called the police they said I had to file a restraining order before they could do anything."

Marilou and her daughter Lynne, who lives with her, filed a probate case accusing Alexa of elder abuse last Tuesday at Orange County Court.

"You know, I'm 88 years old, and I went to court with my daughter and spent four hours filling out all these papers. Everything we said was the truth, but they thought we were lying."

"[Alexa] is sweet as can be, but she turned threatening, saying she hates my daughter. She's threatened to kill herself and asked Lynne things like "Why did you have me?"
"She doesn't have any money, she doesn't have a car, she hasn't been doing anything. It's so sad, she'll be out in the rain, she's slept in the bushes."

Despite Alexa's attempt to get back on her feet, a brief stint in the adult film industry has marred her professional aspirations. Under the alias 'Jayden Taylors', Alexa did porn videos in 2014 to pay for plastic surgery.

"She's trying to get a job now but, you know, if you have anything in your history, they don't want to hire you. It's hard out there. Her father paid for her to go to rehab and I think she's off the drugs now," Marilou told the publication.

Marilou hopes that Alexa will be able to make a life change and, by doing so, take an emotional burden off her family. "My daughter is so upset over all of this. She's depressed, she's that upset. We have a lovely home. We've always been a perfect family, the girls have never done anything. But later in my life this is so hard."

"Alexa started drinking, she's not with her husband anymore; it all kinda broke her heart. I pray every night that she'll straighten out. She's fragile. There are so many possibilities for her, though: modeling, dancing, anything"

"We don't know where she is now. Some friend took her in and then she called Lynne and told her she was safe. There are some pictures on Facebook where she's wearing some nice clothes, so hopefully this will be it," Marilou said.

Marilou is set to have a court hearing over the restraining order request next month.

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail