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TV Guide Names Kelly Dodd As The Best ‘Real Housewife Of 2016’

Kelly Dodd caused major controversy when she joined the eleventh season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. While she feuded with most of the cast, fans either loved her or hater her on the show. Regardless what you think of Kelly, the truth is that she brought life back to the Bravo hit reality series, and that's the truth.

Or at least TV Guide seems to think so, as they crowned Dodd as the 'Best Housewife of 2016."  The publication ranked all 44 Real Housewives stars and Dodd took the number one spot.

TV Guide wrote: "Look, we know this is controversial, but no single Housewife made as big of an impact this year than Kelly. In her first - and possibly only season if the other women get their way - Kelly dominated nearly every storyline. Whether she was calling Shannon a c--t, flicking people's noses or saying racist remarks, bad puns and horrible things about Tamra's relationship with her daughter, Kelly was the real puppet this season, and everyone else was the master."

We agree with TV Guide, Dodd definitely deserves the #1 spot. She definitely brought it. No other newbie has made such a strong impact as she did, at least in this year.

Funny enough, two of Dodd's co-stars also made it on the Top 10. Shannon Beador came in third place while Vicki Gunvalson took sixth place. Meanwhile Tamra Judge came in #17 and Meghan King Edmonds came in #39.

However, the real shade was throw to Dodd's enemy and co-star Heather Dubrow. The Botched wife came in last place, coming in number 44. Check out what TV Giude had to say about Fancy Pants below:

"When Meghan called out "TV Heather" during the OC reunion, we knew exactly what she meant. Heather loves to act as though she's above all the low blows the other women throw, and yet she was the one talking trash about Kelly, saying she "[feels] bad for her kids" since they have Kelly as a mother. Yikes! And even when Heather leans into one of her rare storylines that has nothing to do with building her McMasion - such as Terry being an absentee father - she never stands by them, and even genuinely got offended when people questioned her family life."

The. Shade. Of. It. All! You can check out TV Guide's "Every Real Housewife of 2016, Ranked" article HERE!

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Photo Credit: Bravo