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The Real Housewives Of Sydney Cast Promises Plenty Of ‘Fights’ And ‘Intense’ Drama In Season 1!

According to the cast of The Real Housewives of Sydney, viewers can expect the 'intense' show to deliver plenty of drama and 'fights.' According to The Daily Mail, filming for the upcoming reality show wrapped up this week and viewers can expect fireworks from the debut series.

Matty Samaei, Lisa Oldfield, Melissa Tkautz, Krissy Marsh, Victoria Rees, Nicole O'Neil and Athena Levendi will all make their debut in 2017 as the Sydney installment follows in the footsteps of Melbourne's original Real Housewives series.

And after filming wrapped up this week, the cast revealed to  that the public can

"It has been very intense, it is very real, the friendships and the fights are all real," cast member Nicole O'Neal told The Daily Telegraph on Monday, December 19. "Within the first 15 minutes of filming there were fights. Ordinarily these seven women would never hang out."

Lisa Oldfield believes Sydney's is likely to produce more drama - revealing that one of the other ladies is "trying to sue me for something I said about the paternity of her children."

She added: "I don't like any of them, in all seriousness I would not be friends with any of these people in real life."

According to the publication, the cast are under orders not to discuss a fight involving Victoria Rees and one of the show's producers.

Meanwhile, Krissy Marsh said one particular skirmish in Singapore will leave viewers engrossed.

She added: "One of the fights in Singapore is like nothing I have ever experienced. I should have run out after a friend but I just sat their because I was so shocked (at what happened)."

Photo Credit: Foxtel