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The Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 2 Storylines & Feuds Exposed!

The Real Housewives of Dallas are currently filming Season 2 which will premiere sometime in 2017, the new season will feature familiar faces as well as new additions to the show and lots of new drama and feuds. According to a new report, the drama has kicked off and feuds have been exposed. Read on for full details!

“There is definitely drama going on,” multiple sources close to production told Real Mr. Housewife. “A lot of people are having drama with Cary Deuber, but she is not really going hard in defending herself.”

“LeeAnne Locken, on the other hand, is bringing her A game  out.” said the source. “D’Andra Simmons, one of the new girls, is also bringing it as well.”

The sources added: “While the drama may not be as crazy as on some of the other franchises, fans need not fear. There definitely will be drama this season and you definitely are going to want to tune in.”

Meanwhile, All About The Real Housewives blog is spilling the tea about the alliances and feuds in Season 2. “Filming has yet to wrap for good, but following the Mexico trip the cast and crew took a holiday hiatus; filming will resume in early 2017. Everyone was ready for this break, things got intense in on the cast trip,” and insider confirmed.

“Marie Reyes is gone from the show for good, she wasn’t what the network was looking for in a Real Housewife of Dallas,” said a source, adding, “Tiffany Hendra didn’t bring much to the table last season, and while she was extremely likeable, she refused to speak her truth. She is back in a small capacity for season 2.”

“The two new women are D’Andra Simmons and Kameron Westcott. D’Andra joined the cast through her good friend LeeAnne Locken; while Kameron was brought on by Cary Deuber,” the insider revealed to AllAboutTRH. “D’Andra and LeeAnne go way back and have a solid friendship, which will be explored in season 2. Kameron comes from a high society family and clashes with some of her co-stars; she doesn’t find the poop and fart jokes amusing and she isn’t afraid to speak up!”

Cary, Stephanie, and Brandi banned together and formed an alliance, and while Kameron was closer with them, she’s “outraged” by Brandi and Stephanie’s crude behavior. “Kameron was hesitant about joining the show to begin with, her family was not supportive of a reality show. Stephanie and Brandi are bringing the show down; they have no class,” claimed the source

“LeeAnne has a true friend in D’Andra and she’s been supportive on and off-camera. D’Andra is a unique beast, she is always real and down to Earth. While some of the cast (Cary) refuses to be herself, LeeAnee doesn’t know how to be any other way. Cary changes her mind on situations depending on who she’s talking to; she is constantly flip-flopping yet refuses to acknowledge it,” the source told the blog.

Photo Credit: Bravo